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S+25号Han Na(汉娜)



38D+(all natural)


Room & CD Included 包房包套

Central Area 中部地区

Hotel work 酒店开工

8403 9968

Pls say from 【sgwolfs】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!



Service 服务: Silk stockings temptation★丝袜诱惑 / Simple massage★简单按摩 / Ass Rimming★毒龙 / Nipples★舔奶头 / Painting★舔鲍鱼 / Roam★漫游 / Chest push★胸推 / CIM★无套口爆 / Frenching★舌吻 / 69Type★69式 / BBBJ★无套口胶 / FJ★有套啪啪 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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2017-12-18 01:46Love hannah Says:
Pretty Intelligent Gorgeous

3 initial will know review
2017-12-16 23:00 Says:
2017-12-16 13:19XA Says:
just meet her,sercive greatful nothing to say,have a gf feeling not rush time body very sexy powerful boob is very.big,will come back findd.her again.
2017-12-15 11:53my baby Says:
这是我第二次约汉娜,这次我俩像当了歐美A片里的男女主角。挑逗性强,服务大胆。没有她做不到的!肯定的狼网里有历以来最强的女孩。也敢说她的服务绝对不会有人能超越!下次准备包她夜 再大战三四回 亲爱的我定回来!
2017-12-12 23:01Z Says:
2017-12-12 02:40Boy Says:
Today I meet Hanna is a greatful and sexy ,her service is not rush time and very friendly people,but I will support her,but all the wolf bro must come support her she will let you have like have good day for you.
2017-12-12 00:51Eight Says:
刚约了美女 人好 性感 身材好 很棒
2017-12-08 21:42ROY Says:
Today vist my cute baby hanna,finally can meet her she is very pretty and very friendly,her.sercive is good.and not rush time,i will come support her

serecive : 10/10

2017-12-08 21:27Z Says:
She is a sweet lady. Soft spoken and gentle, like a girl next door. Treat her correctly she will be nice to you and enhance the girlfriend feeling.
2017-12-08 18:01JOHN Says:
Visit her last week, have a great one. Will find her again.
2017-12-08 09:04DOM Says:
Good service, with beautiful body. Will RTF
2017-12-07 12:03 Says:
hanna 我会去找你,我相信你。。请继续保持联系
2017-12-06 22:51-sgwolves- Says:

@creative dragon

Hi bro, whats your number? I go check and verify. Do include this quetsion in your message. Thanks.

2017-12-06 16:11Love NaNa Says:
Today went to meet my angle little Hanna,she is my type and very sexy and hot but the service is great perfect nothing to say,but will not rush time,i will never try before so pecfect seceive in her,but I will come back again to her and service 2 hours
2017-12-04 22:58No horse Run Na Says:
Highly recommended , devil boobs plus devil face. No horse can run see her tits !!!
2017-12-04 00:47C Says:
2017-12-09 15:20Sakuraki Says:
2017-12-03 15:38Elano Says:
Whatsapp message was seen but did not reply to my text.
2017-12-03 09:54panda Says:
2017-12-02 23:50Z Says:
2017-12-01 11:38Re88 Says:
She is an amateur. Do she smoke?
2017-11-30 00:48Andy Says:
Today meet my little girls hanna,
Her service let me like heavens one word nothing to say

Very great wonderful,2more day will come back find her again

Miss my little girls Hanna ,mucks

2017-11-29 13:25Pexter Says:


Everything was executed at a slow and comfortable pace, and she made sure that my needs were taken care of every step along the way.
服务方面,真的 “没马跑”,no horse run!
2017-11-28 22:49-sgwolves- Says:


2958 Registered. I have seen the girl you booked previously register for you. Have fun.

2017-11-28 22:04就爱汉娜 Says:
2017-11-28 18:08Lil tiger Says:
Fantastic service!! The boobs are great if u add 2 cups up to D
2017-11-28 17:20 Says:
hanna is a real gem. Started with hugging, then after shower during. After that laying on bed for a short massage and followed by all her special activities. Wow it was so power wonderful. All this while she doing it at a slow pace. Thereafter turn around and followed by cat bath and bbbj. So shiok..... then she capped me and she was riding like nobody bussiness and made me so high. She cleaned me up with tissue and lay down together on the bed for rest. After awhile of rest she asked me to relax and she massaged my sensitive areas. It was so amazing. She control the process and make it very gentle.
looks: 9.5/10
Body: 10/10
Boobs: 10/10
Bbbj: 10/10
Overall Service: 10/10
RTF: Yes
2017-11-26 22:15Z Says:
2017-11-25 13:23Kane Says:
It takes patience to finally book a slot with her. What you read from the reviews are what awaits you when you let her take charge. Smoking hot body, great skill set with GFE and accommodating.Take efforts to wow me in her arousing bunny outfit.
2017-11-22 23:14 Says:
2017-11-22 18:21-sgwolves- Says:


0353 客人记录

2017-11-21 10:11JJ Says:
Just visited hanna today.
Massage was really good!
As I have never done a juagen before, I went for it and it was one of the best feeling ever.
She is quite chatty too and easy to communicate with.
sercvie great
Definitely will rtm
2017-11-18 01:32粉丝 Says:
2017-11-15 21:12KEN Says:
A pretty lady with big eyes and big boobs, her bbbj is superb, soft and tender D cup big boobs, very sensitive when your rod is rubbing in that hole of hers, her moaning makes you unload in no time. gives a nice massage before the whole session ends. definitely worth every cent spend will come back again.
2017-11-14 14:13旋律 Says:
2017-11-15 09:42饮水思源 Says:
2017-11-15 07:46sss Says:
She is in sore sort of trouble so not answering anyone, have patience let her solve her issues first.
2017-11-13 19:01北京爷们 Says:
2017-11-13 12:14Deng Says:
2017-11-12 12:18饮水思源 Says:
2017-11-12 11:59-sgwolves- Says:


0571 registered

2017-11-11 11:12Midas Says:
Pls register me
2017-11-11 14:31-sgwolves- Says:

please leave your number in reply. we will assist to check and register.

2017-11-10 22:52ZH Says:
Good girl, nice boots soft & nice to hold, bbbj slow & do for 15 min, fj is tight & comfortable. Will return. 200%
2017-11-10 18:43-sgwolves- Says:


your number is registered

2017-11-10 13:21-sgwolves- Says:


82****31 registered
2017-11-09 22:55-sgwolves- Says:

@多多 91****78 registered

2017-11-08 22:13Yzzzzz Says:
Bbbj 10/10
Super good cim
Fj 100%
Attitude v good.
Rtf yes for sure
2017-11-08 21:29Wan Says:
2017-11-08 05:02-sgwolves- Says:


2017-11-07 02:37U Says:
2017-11-06 17:36hanjun Says:
关注汉娜好久了 前晚终于如愿以偿的约了她两个小时 她本人so beautiful 身材更是一流 她是个地地道道的北京妞 得劲 直爽 大方 我洗完澡躺在床上 看她脱光衣服的那一刻 我彻底被眼前的这一美景给深深的陶醉了 她的胸是那么的完美又大又挺 还有她那芊细的大长腿 让我的弟弟立马苏醒了过来 然后过来趴在我的身上问道:我要怎样服务你才爽 我感觉这就帝王式的开局服务 我也没要求那么多 像男女朋友之间那样自然一点就好 话不多说我俩开始了缠绵起来她慢慢的亲吻着我,舌头从上边慢慢划到下边,和我弟弟汇合了她口活太好了弄的我的小弟怒发冲冠。这时她也很high了,帮我戴上套套,汉娜就骑了上来,她的妹妹紧紧的裹住我的弟弟。一边摇一边呻吟着,我的双手也没闲着握住她的双峰不停的抚摸 舌头也情不自禁的舔起她胸前的两颗饱满的葡萄 。过了一会,我看她累了我要她躺下让我来战。她把我搂的紧紧的 我不停的抽插着没想到我的弟弟今天这么倔强任凭我怎么抽插就是不出 后来我也累了 我就让她给我打出来 她一边舔着我乳头一边打着 感觉很舒服 打了好久手都酸了也没任何怨言 最后快出来的时候 我让她拿纸挡下 她说不用 出来的时候就像火山崩发一样 溅到她的脸上了 她说没事我来处理 那一刻感觉好轻松舒服完事后她说要给我按摩 被我阻止了 看她那么累不忍心再让她给我按摩 我让她躺在我身边陪我聊会天 时间不知不觉过去一个多小时 我们接着又投入到下一轮战斗中 她还是选择主动出击 坐在我身上来回晃动着 一会看她累得不行 我让她跪趴着我来个后入还是这个姿势比较爽 没过多久她妹妹里面就热乎乎的我弟弟终于受不了爆发在里面了 事后她说不会在新加坡待太久了 狼友抓紧时间约哦 过了这村就没这店了临走时她送给我一个深深的吻 我回来还会来找她的
2017-11-05 16:06丑男 Says:
My third date with Hannah. A wonderful night with her as ever!
She greeted me with her sexy lingerie and heels.
Her long and slender legs and slim waistline and full shaped breast;
I just cannot resist any longer and had to pinned her down and have her!
Just cannot get enough of her.
2017-11-05 01:18LV Says:
2017-11-04 22:48Able Says:
2017-11-04 09:36Sama Says:
Hannah is quite ambitious such that She kept communicate with me for my feelings and make sure I'm in good status. Can see her effort in entertaining and comforting me. She has a very nice body shape and is willing to response to my needs. Sometime may even feel she is aggressive. In totality she could be a nice partner. But a bit lack of GFE. May be able to improve.
2017-11-03 23:53Raymond Says:
刚约了Hannah 难得本人比照片还好看的女孩 性格直爽 很GFE 而且她会给你私人订制 满足任何让你爽的要求[Chuckle]
2017-11-02 22:58热舞 Says:
2017-11-01 23:50Zhong Says:
2017-11-01 22:112k17 Says:
She is my favourite girl to visit, always taking care of my needs, definitely will return everyone don’t miss ur chance!
2017-11-01 20:19Jon Says:
Tried her services some time ago. Really something that cannot be missed. She really tailors to your needs like what Shanghai Dave said.

Definitely a gem that cannot be missed.
2017-10-31 21:12-sgwolves- Says:

8649**** I DONE ,enjoy !

2017-10-31 16:33Phil Says:
Finally date her,she really like a model. Nice body,tall and pretty. Very hard working and cheerful. Really worth the money.
2017-10-31 10:39Shanghai Dave Says:
Met her this past Sat. Her phone was constantly ringing and I finally understood why she does not always respond to texts or calls. It’s physically impossible!

Similar to the other poster, if you are nice to her and reach her, she provides a high level of service. Asked me what services I would like from the start and can heed to your particular desires within reason. Amazing oral skills and very attentive provide you give her directions.

Would definitely visit again.
2017-10-31 00:25Wtf han na Says:
2017-11-01 11:33Joe Says:
2017-10-31 02:25-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-31 00:17Pexter Says:
I’ve added Hannah to my WeChat and after quite a few days I’ve finally managed to catch up with her today.

When people mention “custom or tailor made” you will think of “tailor made clothes” or “custom made computer” etc. But for Hannah, it’s rare to find a girl that offers “custom made service”. 量身定做的服务,我还是第一次体验到!

Right from the moment I stepped into her room, she wished me “happy birthday”. I was pleasantly surprised that she noticed the posting on my moments that I just celebrated my birthday yesterday, and even offered me a special birthday drink!

Before the session she made exceptional effort to assess exactly what I would like and what services would provide me with the highest level of enjoyment. Throughout the session, every step of the way, she made sure that whatever she was doing is whatever suited me, and together with me she identified all my pleasure points (as everyone has different requirements) and spared no effort to make sure all my “needs” were well taken care off.

She also engaged me in decent conversation and at no point was the session boring and there was no awkward silence. The point is, I left her place extremely satisfied as she was willing to go the extra mile to take care of all the needs that I mentioned.

Pleasure and enjoyment level was 110% and really, her service was was a GEMS - Go Extra Mile for Service
2017-10-31 00:08HO Says:
hanna have a. Big boobs very good serecive.and fj.her Very wet like sky. Unforgettable experience
will be come back again
2017-10-30 23:53ZZ Says:
2017-10-28 23:38Z Says:
2017-10-28 03:03-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-26 15:20Barry Says:
Ended a session with Hannah yesterday.

She was very friendly after opening the door and welcoming me in. We lost track of time chit chatting and getting to know each other. After drinking wine and chatting, proceeded with the deal.

Looks : 9.5/10
BBBJ : 8/10
FJ : 10/10

Will RTF again once vitamin M replenish!
2017-10-27 12:38Ken Says:
She just said never book before other girls cannot book her lol. What logic
2017-10-26 14:33Love Says:
Had meet her for today
Very gentle & service orientated
Attractive dimples while smile cute
Really fall in love with her
Sexy moaning while bonking her
Make me cum in mins
Overall worth the monies
Will definitely visit her again probably supper
2017-10-25 18:52无毛哥哥 Says:
Han na 鲍鱼有毛么?
2017-10-26 13:23AA Says:
2017-10-25 18:22Chequer Says:
Hannah - After several attempts, finally get to secured a session with Hannah this evening. Hannah is a classy and elegant lady who can really hold an educated and decent conversation. Enjoyed chatting with her - especially with her little English mixed in between her Mandarin. She is truly a model - nice curvy body with a warm personality. On need, she is accommodating and did her utmost to satisfy all my desire. Enjoyed her fantastic BJ and her pussy was sweet and juicy! Tried so many positions and I truly had a sextisfying experience. Will definitely come back for more!
2017-10-25 18:13Panda Says:
Met her last night. Very good experience overall. She is very pretty and nice girl. Her body is slim. Will visit again
2017-10-24 23:11Love u Says:
Yes she was indeed pretty and awesome. Very GFE. Lovely and accomodative throughout the session with her yesterday afternoon. I am sure this my best session in this website for the past eight months. Hannah cute baby..thank you. will be back soon.
2017-10-24 22:05彩虹档案 Says:
2017-10-24 15:49很硬 Says:
她是皇城里的公主 狼群里的尤物 光洁细滑的肌肤 天使的容貌 魔鬼的身材 那么美 那么好 那么辣 和她翻滚缠绵 百转千回 不厌 不倦 不够
2017-10-24 02:45-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-21 16:53一生一世只爱你 Says:
红酒 长腿 娇足 缠绵 火候 被深深的拥抱 温柔的吻 世界希望在这一刻停止 我爱你 汉娜
2017-10-21 01:22-sgwolves- Says:

@飘香的豆豆 我们暂时只是注册新加坡号码哦。

2017-10-19 01:51很硬 Says:
2017-10-18 22:49maserati Says:
Today I went to find her, give me the feeling is: to see 8.5 points, massage in place, not in a hurry, service 9 points, especially the root is what I have encountered is the best of a young girl, so comfortable. Especially to talk like a lover. I give 10 points. Like a friend can go to try to know, and feel so cool, the next also to find her.
2017-10-18 22:40Rollax Says:
Nice friendly sweet charming sexy girl with excellent service who is hot breaking ice easily, cute, fun, chatty, massage not bad, great body, nice figure and very accommodating to all positionsssss u like, maybe u can think of some pattern or opposition to challenge her ba. Ha ha.. overall great... the rest of the exciting partsssss got to try yourself to know more detailsssss yourself lo....
2017-10-17 19:34jooe Says:
2017-10-18 01:51-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-16 22:13 maxi Says:
2017-10-16 16:32cai000 Says:
2017-10-17 02:28-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-16 02:22cai000 Says:
2017-10-16 02:29-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-10-15 23:21小中 Says:
Met up with Han Na yesterday, she is tall and has a great figure. Very service oriented and out to please. No rush and always asking how to make me feel good. Worth every dollar spent. Bros please take care of her.
2017-10-15 16:47 Says:
2017-10-15 11:52Fathet Says:
Visited this tall and sexy babe.

What all the others said about her is true. I like that she asked about my sensitive spot...her goal is to satisfy me!

Looks: 7/10
FJ: 9/10
BBBJ: 8/10
AJ: 8/10
GFE: 10/10
2017-10-15 07:35Mor 07:40 Says:
Yesterday night book her, she is pretty and nice girl, her bbbj are perfect, when go to fj, below is tight n wet, moan really make u fast to cum, when she take out her bra, u can saw her nice boob at least 38D plus,not a time watcher, will rtf again, pls take care of her.she is 100% perfect lady...
2017-10-14 22:30汉娜粉丝10000号 Says:
2017-10-13 23:1412345 Says:
Today look up this nice pretty girl and her service is so good that I really enjoyed.
Her BJ is great and I also try diifferent sex with her.
Overall is an enjoyable bonking....
2017-10-13 23:01J Says:
Tried her last night. Photo confirmed is her. Her body is really slim and sexy. She wore a tight dress and I can see her butt is really very sexy. Service is great and GFE is super. Must RTF before she goes back.
2017-10-13 22:47迷路的小孩 Says:
Just met Hanna last night, she is voluptuous and sexy with nice big boobs, just like a photomodel. Good GFE and nice person to chat with. A memorable experience overall.
2017-10-13 01:07丑男 Says:
Managed to date Hannah on a rainy night. My lucky day! She is tall, slim with curvaceous body!
The figure is just right in proportion. Definitely natural boob and not enhanced.
I must say she has the right attitude, I felt like I am his boyfriend.
Not a time watcher and does not play or answer phone messages during the session.
I will definitely return to date her as soon as I have time and cash.
All brother here please take good care of her!
2017-10-12 23:16狼哥 Says:
2017-10-12 18:56天堂 Says:
2017-10-11 23:14Yoyo Says:
2017-10-10 19:08-sgwolves- Says:

@Register please

91****82,Already register

2017-10-10 04:15ZZC Says:
2017-10-10 19:09-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-10 00:53Ken Says:
Visit Hannah for the 2nd times, Beautiful and lovely goddess body shape , her appearance makes charming and hot service good attitude is worth a first class, she will not very hurry time.

service is very good prefect.

her height is 170cm boob is great big
2017-10-09 18:59Blkey Says:
Do they do outcall service or you need to go to them?
2017-10-09 22:36-sgwolves- Says:

U need to go to them 

2017-10-09 17:38HappyCustomer Says:
Sexy body, nice boobs (no enchancement), tall and slutty, welcomes you wearing appealing undergarments.
Sincere chat and keeps asking if her service is ok and how I will like her to proceed.
Excellent service standard !

Face: 8/10
Body: 9/10
Service : 100/10

RTF: No, too many other girls to try out.

2017-10-10 14:40HappyCustomer Says:
My above last statement made this girl quite upset and msg me to ask why I "blacklist" her. So in order to clear the air here. I just wish to say that I usually don't RTF most girls unless they are really special to me, but for those that I do not RTF, it does not mean they are not good. Han Na is indeed a good companion in bed. Please do not take my "No RTF" commment negatively. Thank you.
2017-10-09 17:36Foreigner Says:
Never replies. Tried wechat, whatsapp and calling. So sad :'(
2017-10-09 22:38-sgwolves- Says:

bro,this girl is hot ,u need more patient

2017-10-08 23:48喜欢你的人 Says:
2017-10-08 21:26累死宝宝 Says:
Finally booked her, the moment bshr open the door I hesitate, what if she dun look exactly same or even worst not chio. To my amazed, she look chio and her devlish figure can instantly make your buay than.

She is quite professional when it come to SOP. After verify, what you Wan to do with her before proceeding to FJ.
Her catbath awesome ..Her bbbj if you didn't stop her in time. She can make you surrender in a short while.
FJ ..Is one of the best so far I try.

Rtf ..Of cuz yes
2017-10-08 21:14汉娜的铁粉 Says:
妹妹让我觉得兽性大发,因为她的屁股太翘了!身材太美了,欧美的身材,没有女孩的身材能和她比较。她也经常健身,很喜欢她,真的太棒了!有很多东西和妙处,只有自己知道CALL NOW!
2017-10-08 16:225 Says:
刚约了汉娜 人美身才好 奶大又挺 摸起来很好 舌吻爽到爆 爱爱很配合度高 值得回头 给满分
2017-10-08 14:02票房毒药 Says:
2017-10-07 11:51Lee Says:
Had a little misunderstanding before going to her, but everything was resolved in the end.

Truly elegant lady. In fact, she is the best girl I've seen...someone who is able to carry herself well and a true GF material. For the guys who prefer matured ladies, she's perfect for you.
2017-10-06 18:55TCM Says:
Just finished 2 hours with HANNA. Heaven on Earth!!!
2017-10-06 07:59Your first time Says:
Finally managed to book this ever popular girl, what can I say, I left as a very happy and satisfied man. I'm sure the countless reviews here say it all. Great looking young girl, rocking hot body, what more can one ask for.
*Thanks for giving me your first time ;) hahaha
2017-10-05 22:53Yi Says:
A girl with very good attitude. The teasing and bj is so damn shiok. Bro need some good skill to bear through it, if not will come out fast. She a gem that should take care of. Hope everyone will treasure it. Btw. Boobs lover will like it, she have a good to grab D.
2017-10-05 17:14Kingsley Says:
刚刚约了hanna ,人美胸大身材正,口活好妹妹紧,慢工细活,人实在,健谈细心。。配合好。。满分
2017-10-04 23:33小家伙 Says:
Look: 9/10
Fj: 8/10
bbbj: 8/10 (tried even better bbbj before)
gfe: 8/10

All the service stated above are real one..
2017-10-03 11:46-sgwolves- Says:



2017-10-03 01:59atfff Says:
服务好态度棒 非常舒服!!小姐姐人还很好 简直nice
2017-10-02 23:5212点的 Says:
本人比照片更加漂亮迷人,服务态度很好,口活,很棒 ,有着一张漂亮的脸蛋和一双非常妩媚迷人的眼睛。身材棒棒的前凸后翘
2017-10-02 23:05很硬 Says:
2017-10-02 16:45David Says:
Bro can u help me to register my number with HANNA as I have no problems with other girls
2017-10-03 02:38-sgwolves- Says:

Than u change others la ,we have a lot girls here .

2017-10-02 16:00iamawesome Says:
Arranged a session with Hannah this afternoon. Great curves, boobs and height. Her services are excellent and paid attention to details. Very chatty and loves to please. Will likely RTF.
2017-10-01 20:37天津 Says:
2017-10-01 19:25MANMAN Says:
Today is my 2nd time seeing hanna. Her service is as good as my 1st time. Cant keep my eyes off her boobs. This is my favourite girl in sgwolves. Her looks is very captivating. Planing to see her again next week. My dick just cant get enough of her lovehole. Will keep seeing her until she rtc.

2017-10-01 13:57djparo (in sbf) Says:
bro can check why is my number blacklisted? it was okay for others
2017-10-02 00:40-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-09-30 22:50Boytoman Says:
Today 1st time meeting Hanna, the moment step in to the room, she already give me a very good impression, she pretty, sexy, body with good shape. She immediate give me a French kiss once i in the room.

Once finish the bath, immediate we start our enjoyment, first she give me unforgettable blow job, almost made me explore in her mouth, without wasting anytime, i start making love with her, her pussy is wet and tight, the moment my brother enter to her pussy, she start moan and request me to go harder, she really made me very high and finally explore.
Hanna skill is good and the service is excellent, she not a time watched, we even have a short chat after that. I will sure go back to find her.
2017-09-30 14:27Kazumos Says:
Just meet Hannah today, she is really tall and beautiful, polite speaking all the time, she got devilish figure like Megan Fox, especially her perky it so much.she is willing to please all her customers.. just like having some fun with ur girlfriend. No commercial feel at all, highly recommended...
2017-09-29 23:46你的弟弟 Says:
2017-09-29 22:52Chen Says:
Hannah looks a lot younger than the photos! Photos dont do her justice, makes her look older than she actually is.Hotel is really clean. Shes very chatty and very easy to talk to! Gfe max and not a time watcher! Lots of hugs lots of kisses.
In short
Looks : (8/10) Young pretty 22 yo girl with little makeup
Body : (9/10) Slim with no tummy fats! Smooth skin and wet pussy! for boobs lover
Bj : (9/10) almost cannot tahan and shoot
Fj: (10/10) tight as hell and shes very accommodating to multiple positions!
Rtf for sure!!
Location : quite,five starts hotel. quiet area. Very clean
2017-09-29 21:32天堂 Says:
2017-09-29 18:46带彩虹蛋糕的哥 Says:
Hanna性格开朗,服务很好, 年轻靓丽,耐心温柔,身材火辣。另外,酒店环境不错。各位对妹妹好,绅士一些,妹妹自然也会对你好。妹子,我答应你的,你懂我是谁了。
2017-09-28 18:40TOP gun Says:
Bro, tried sms still no response.

WeChat her kena rejected because my number is blacklisted. So now how??
2017-09-29 02:16-sgwolves- Says:

change others!

2017-09-27 23:50泰国粉 Says:
2017-09-27 22:58Dd Says:
Went again. Will go for again n again. This zabo is a gem and i dont want to share anything more because it will make more guys come over for her.
2017-09-26 23:56娜粉 Says:
昨晚与她度过了一个很美好的晚上 很健谈 很和蔼 和动人(那双白乳) 完全是被征服了 。各位如果喜欢大胸部 有女友感的 与 视觉和感觉上的享受 就一定是她了(我还会再找她的 一定会 !!)
2017-09-26 23:52天真 Says:
2017-09-25 10:28TOP gun Says:
Bro, can check why I kena black-listed. She didn't accept me in WeChat.
2017-09-27 19:10TOP gun Says:
Tried already. Never reply. WeChat then reply but when answer my number say sorry cannot accept me. Wtf!
2017-09-26 00:31-sgwolves- Says:

u can call and SMS to her is more easy .

2017-09-24 20:33F Says:
模特,健美的身材一级棒,态度好,服务棒,越看越舒服 :)
2017-09-24 17:13123 Says:
刚约了Han na, 绝对值回票价。身材非常好,全身都是真的。脾气也非常好,健谈而且非常耐心。即使200也很非常推荐。服务也特别到位。
2017-09-24 08:47匿名者 Says:
2017-09-24 00:39MANMAN Says:
Just book hanna today. She is damn gorgeous. Beautiful with sexy body. She gives you 100%GFE feeling. Keep me company full 1 hour. No rushing you.Enjoy making love to her.Make sure you get the best service from her.Planing to see her again. She is a gem.
2017-09-24 00:30-sgwolves- Says:


2017-09-22 12:05好名猪 Says:
2017-09-21 23:37JoJo Says:
2017-09-23 20:55vincent Says:
2017-09-23 15:15-sgwolves- Says:


2017-09-21 22:03Wow Says:
Hannah is a girl with best attitude. I had expected that such a pretty girl will have attitude problem. The first appointment, there are some miscommunications. End up, I did not informed her that I was not coming. Never did I expect that she would wait for me (in the morning) and even prepare for my arrival. Was so remorseful that go meet her the next day. Hannah can be a car model girl. She is so tall and body posture is perfect. Making love with her was so heavenly. Bbbj was so good almost cim. Tried different position, she was so accommodating letting me play with different position. Keep asking if this is comfortable. Wow. Never had I expect that can make love with such a good looking and nice girl at such a price.
2017-09-21 19:50B Says:
Very pretty, classy, chatty, responsive & service oriented.

Photo: 5/10 (damn, the photographer. Any smartphone will do a better job than him)
Look: 8/10 (young, sweet, sexy & seducive)
BJ: 7/10
FJ: 8/10 (can't last Long in doggy position. Must try!)
Service attitude: 10/10 (she make sure you enjoy the session)

RTF for sure.
2017-09-20 17:36汉娜粉丝 Says:





2017-09-20 16:43想着大兰的我 Says:
Hanna is a sincere and very friendly girl who immediately makes u feel at ease upon entering the room. No commercial feel at all and she takes her own time to pleasure and service u to the best of her ability. She has a fantastic figure with meat in the right places and most importantly she has nice boobs and a highly squeezable ass. Hard to come across this top combination of great GFE, wonderful figure, sincere attitude and passionate sex. A real gen with the best service I have ever encountered.And did I say she is way prettier in real life as her photos do not do her justice. Her deep sultry voice just completes the whole package.
2017-09-20 09:28快乐的土豆 Says:
2017-09-18 13:30超人 Says:
2017-09-17 15:09Farm Says:
Very pretty, good figure. Feel like doing with model. Boobs are big, D cup.

2017-09-17 15:04密码者 Says:
Really tall girl 170cm with high wheels. Natural D+ for boobs lover, skin average normal. willing to do the requests u likes. Can French. Real person is prettier. Talkative.
If can ligthen the make up a bit even better, she saids she likes Japanese style make up. Stays for last 2 months. Hurry!
2017-09-16 23:42LGC Says:
2017-09-17 12:00-sgwolves- Says:


2017-09-17 11:50LGC Says:
2017-09-15 17:38Boomboom Says:
Very sweet personality and very willing to serve and accommodate to requests. Service absolutely fantastic. AR & BBBJ TOP notch. Soft natural breasts and tall and good figure. Well worth it!
2017-09-15 01:10Ken Says:
Finally i managed to book Hannah this evening despite several try, extremely great and worthily experience with her. Gorgeous smile, pretty face (more prettier than photo) and perfect body. Her service and bbj is very skillful till almost can't last to the main fj session. Super GFE. Definitely will visit her again.
2017-09-14 10:25Wolfie Says:
Great to have her
Sure RTF
Good service!
2017-09-12 22:50lovelybig Says:

Look 9/10 Sultry looking, very sexy
Boob 10/10 perfect
Body 9/10 hourglass figure!!
Bbbj 8/10
AR 10/10 suck until shiok
FJ 10/10 accommodating

Service very good
2017-09-12 21:34今生 Says:
2017-09-12 17:28Quarter Says:
Today asked her out. Beautiful and have girlfriend feel.
2017-09-12 13:04小弟弟 Says:
top class girl with good assets and good attitude as well. To be honest, this girl worth 250 + . will RTF for sure. A rare gem . Guys pls treat her nicely.
2017-09-13 18:58Dragon g on Says:
can said u give tips.. But y u said 250... U dumb pass ..we know she good .. But y help raise money.. What r motives , or u okt ??-hope webmaster don't del my post to prove ..
2017-09-12 08:55Jan Says:
Great service.Very good attitude.Worth the money.will rtf.
2017-09-11 23:57 光头 Says:
Made an appointment with her by early evening, but some problem happened and I wasn't able to go to her room on time.
Look, body, service, attitude were all above average.
2017-09-11 22:28Yankee Says:
After today session I can't stop thinking of her ! The moaning and teasing make me want to bonk her again.

2017-09-11 15:43今生 Says:
2017-09-11 15:16狼叔 Says:
2017-09-10 23:34rui Says:
2017-09-10 22:32汉娜粉丝 Says:
2017-09-08 09:57A Says:
Awesome is the word to describe this lady. First time meeting and boy, I'm sure it will not be my last. Many ratings provided by all the bros. I won't need to give my rating. Ring her up and see for yourself. Good stuff.
2017-09-06 16:34阳哥 Says:
2017-09-05 22:25Di Says:
Visited her this evening. Love her lips!
Hanna is a classy tall girl with a perfect body!
Absolutely a car model caliber.
She is prettier than her photo.
Love making : very natural and very accommodating.
I really enjoy the time spend with her.
Awesome girl will definitely visit her again and again.
Treat her well and u will be rewarded
2017-09-05 00:20jason Says:
2017-09-05 00:41-sgwolves- Says:


2017-09-04 22:01尤物 Says:
土豪应酬最佳伴侣,high class.顶起来。
2017-09-04 20:52JJJSSS Says:
汉娜太棒了 态度一流 口活完美 体验很棒
2017-09-04 13:05Lee Says:
2017-09-08 08:41-sgwolves- Says:


2017-09-05 10:32-sgwolves- Says:


2017-09-04 08:58Promise Says:
I was there and saw this girl.
Her photos don't do her much justice. She was much prettier in the real person.

Her sexy lingerie was amazing. Difficult to remove but nice and arousing to look at.

Her attitude thru out the session was "I-AM-HERE-TO-Make-YOU-HAPPY, & WHAT-CAN-I-DO?"

Love her service.
2017-09-01 00:01Dragon5 Says:
Very sexy and beautiful,big bust and curvy body. Nice pleasure experience.
2017-08-31 22:12Dragon5 Says:
Very powerful service . Looks like a model , lust look and big boobs. Seductive and nice figure. Definitely a must.
2017-08-28 23:30N Says:
刚刚去找了她。 真人很漂亮, 22岁。
按摩 :8/10 很不错(有学过)。
身材 : 10(没错的花应该是D Cup,很美。上粉下粉)
BJ : 8(没叫停不会停,有深喉)
FJ : 9
接吻 : 9(可以舌吻)
Pussy : 9(没味道。很干净。修剪的桃心妆。很多水)
回头 : 会
2017-08-28 23:20买晚餐的那个人 Says:
哇 一进屋 就看见有特色性感的内衣 就有种蠢蠢欲动的感觉
和她一起爱爱很爽又刺激 有种女朋友的感觉
服务真的很到位 一个钟一直服务...
大家试一试就知道好不好 肯定不后悔
2017-08-27 00:33一夜N次郎 Says:
狼兄 我有whatsapp给你们我的号码 85****88

请问注册好了吗 想约她很久了


2017-08-26 05:03告白气球 Says:
2017-08-26 03:14哥哥 Says:
Gfe damm good. Totally worth it. Prettier in person. Feels like she is my gf. Totally will RTF.
2017-08-25 23:11叔叔 Says:
口工一流 她会把你吸的够力够力的
还很会引诱你 慢慢的把你带上天堂
2017-08-25 11:37sgwolves Says:
82****37,Already register
2017-08-24 22:36Nick Says:
2017-08-24 22:27Small cat Says:
Worth the money ~
温柔体贴、不赶时间,very patience towards request
2017-08-23 15:57Ck Says:
Looks 9/10 I like her looks
Body 9/10 nice slim figure
Bbbj 9/10 lots of licking and suction is good
Fj 10/10 nice and tight
Gfe 10/10 feel like your gf

Started with bbbj lots of tounge action, never complain when requested to blow longer.
Switched to 69, she continue blowing for a good 10 mins while I finger her (tight)
Cap on and proceed to fj, very obedient, followed all my instructions.
Pussy is tight.
After fj will wash u up and dry u up.

Do take care of her she is a gem.
2017-08-23 02:32玫瑰男 Says:
约了汉娜那。照片和她也不怎么大分别真人比较美丽动人!当我比较喜欢她素颜,当她不化浓妆的时候女友的感觉会提升哟!她上妆外表很成熟像娜娜姐、确内呢...就像汉娜妹妹..她会提人着想时时刻刻都想你舒服,满足你的要求!她不会冷漠也你不会就敷衍你就很有亲切感..也很健谈跟不想赶你的宝贵一个小时的时间,事完后再来个按摩。她的按摩手艺很好绝对不是开玩笑顺便的按按而已确问你有哪里不舒服呢就帮你松一松!此汉娜小女生不简单呀、各位要好好的照顾和体谅关照她..会在回去找她哟 会来个包夜
2017-08-22 16:24就爱美人 Says:
2017-08-22 10:01sgwolves Says:
2017-08-21 23:53X Says:
2017-08-21 09:05Matt Says:
Hannah received me in sexy lingerie. Nice hourglass figure. Huge boobs and round ass. Blowjob was good, no rush. Sex was good with soft moaning. Can french, feels like girlfriend. After sex, we chit chat like long lost friend. Good service, must try!
2017-08-19 22:38你的福尔摩斯 Says:
下面水多 很紧 人又美又高挑 特别 服务类型 各种解锁 值得!100回头
2017-08-19 13:45CM Says:
Massage is great.
She also likes to chit chat.
Her overall service is great not rush
Do support her.
2017-08-17 21:58BEN Says:
Just went to find Han na, she a nice girl. She is tall, pretty, and sexy.
Shes my type of girl. Will rtf for sure.
2017-08-17 21:49Xiao hei Says:
This girl is really GOOD!! Her service and attitude is very good! She makes sure you are having a good time and if you don't feel happy she will find ways to make you feel good.. please treat her well and treasure her.!

By the way,

Her face : look like photo
Her body: not fat at all
Her boobs: 36/38 C/D
Her bbj: really good!
Fj :
2017-08-17 20:25L Says:


2017-08-17 20:17G Says:
Today l went to visit her.she look pretty and friendly as show in the photo.Service wise her message give full strength on actual point as needed and full hours.

As for the location near mrt station in central ,free car park,personal room with attachment shower room.Private and quite place and

big area. will come back again
2017-08-17 18:03YL Says:
Just visit her, look better photo
Service 10/10
hardworking girl. Try to provide all the services stated within the short 1 hour .
Not rush
AR is superb , for me high gfe, kiss non stop
Will look for her again
2017-08-16 23:53Jun Says:
Honestly speaking, she is pretty, fair, friendly, in great shape, enthusiastic to complement you.
Remarkable experience.
Seeing her is a kind of happiness.
2017-08-16 15:41H Says:
2017-08-16 10:55sgwolves Says:
2017-08-15 20:36Joe Says:
Register my no please
2017-08-16 10:54-sgwolves- Says:

Tell us your telephone number and we'll help you.

2017-08-15 16:32Your key Says:
Just visit hannah,the location is easy to find , not far from MRT. The apartment is very clean and tidy , I like it a lot.
The session was a fun and nice one,Hannah is very light , but the massage still is hard enough.

Look : Young SYT 9/10
GFE : Good 9/10
HJ : 9/10
RTM : Yes
2017-08-15 02:48Fat man Says:
Met Hanna in the afternoon. Really great and exciting. Felt like meeting a Mistress.

Location : central with sufficient parking.
Face : like a secretary. Sexy
Bbbj : outstanding
Kisses : All over
FJ : she will try her best to be in sync with you.
RTF : yes when I need to find Mistress.
2017-08-15 02:11D Says:
Very pretty girl, service is really good. Not for boob lovers, but more than make up for it with service and attitude.

Looks: 9/10
Figure: 8/10 (not for boob lover)
Bbbj: 9/10
FJ: 8/10
GFE: 9/10
Attitude: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

Not a time watcher, do support her! Location is easy to find, and very convenient. Near the mrt.

Rtf: Definitely
2017-08-15 01:09你的粉丝 Says:
2017-08-14 11:49Weewee Says:
@sgwolf please register my number thanks, I would like to look for her.
2017-08-15 03:01-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-08-12 16:49Chong Says:
Nice clean place. simple sensational massage get you into the mood. bbbj excellent with deep throat. ***** ratings
2017-08-12 14:19gold Says:
This girl say i can't do as it's my 1st time. Any reasons why?
2017-08-13 03:35-sgwolves- Says:

bro ,may be u number have problme or never register,leave u number ,we will have u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-08-11 17:42指中玉 Says:
2017-08-11 11:12RY Says:
First class services .Friendly and beautiful worth it .Value for $$$ .100% true photo of herself.Had a good and enjoyable time with her.Best girl ever encounter .Will.see her again.
2017-08-10 19:28euraeura Says:
Super friendly and accommodating!! Speaks English quite well and chatty girl. Super sexy girl. Way prettier than photos too. Killer bbbj. Ride me to heaven. Rtf for sure.
2017-08-10 16:16激动买马票 Says:
2017-08-10 15:41PT Says:
a nice little session with her
Looks:100% with photo
Boobs:sexy big boob
Service: vry gentle and no rush is pefect
but it is worth it will come back again
2017-08-10 11:43皇阿马 Says:
2017-08-09 21:46眼镜弟弟 Says:
晚上很幸运能够约到她, 很聊得来,想怎么样就怎么样,全程问你感受,比较其他姑娘, 服务很好, 9分, 多一分的话就没上升空间了
2017-08-09 00:02Caton Says:

2017-08-08 20:20Dave Says:
Met her a few times, service is tip top.
Strong GF feeling. You won't regret it.
Looks : 9.5
service : 10
GF feeling : 10
Don't miss this.
2017-08-08 12:44LX Says:
She is the youngest one I have done in SG. Looks like a very shy petite school girl and greatful pretty cute,boob is.very big and slim but all the sericve is precfet 180 is worth it will come back again.
2017-08-07 16:47 Says:
极品的身材,蜂腰翘臂大长腿,如此尤物,大家都赶紧了... 她还是个学生哦,谈吐之间还是看得出素质与品味的.寥寥几句评价不足以表达所有,各位去试过才知道.
2017-08-07 14:44Tim Says:
有女人味,长发飘香,服务周全,工一流,恐怕下次很难约到了,180真值!让我飘飘欲仙、流连忘返… 爱你

2017-08-06 23:48伦敦留学哥哥 Says:
一周找她3次!想念她。真胸真D plus真材实料,170超高长腿,属于气质型丰满类l型的美女,性格开朗能说会道,爱闹爱笑很有才艺,喜欢和她轻松的感觉。打扮超级时尚大牌,言谈举止落落大方,她这次来希望你们照顾好她,善待她。衣着很有品味,超有女人味。
2017-08-06 22:23Alex Chiang Says:
2017-08-06 16:52c罗 Says:
2017-08-06 16:34c罗 Says:
2017-08-05 17:37LGC Says:
2017-08-05 22:14-sgwolves- Says:


2017-08-05 10:24Sillyboy Says:
Great chat with her, enjoy her bj as well(s
ejaculate before real action) . Very pretty and adorable lady.
2017-08-05 02:07C Says:
The lady is very good on top. Pretty lady the pic same at person and not rush at time at all.
will meet her again next.time
2017-08-04 23:14就爱汉娜 Says:
楼主 我帮我注册 我想约她很久了
2017-08-04 23:02motomotokatamari Says:
met her today at last, and she totally worth it!!!
attitude is the best, she ask what kind of service I want.
and she will do it for you. she will provide full service and
she take her time to service for one hour, not like others sometimes
is short or rush the service. and she didn't answer to any call during
the session. she told me she only answer to message, and only when
not with the customer, now I understand why so difficult to get her reply
because she is so busy.
my summary, she is pretty (looks sweeter than the picture), nice body and smooth skin,
she have nice and soft boobs and its big! Positive attitude and hard working. RTF definitely!!!

2017-08-04 18:28显扬律师 Says:
2017-08-04 16:39Lonely Says:
Just had a session with hannah and I think she definitely deserve a review.Sweet lovely girl who bears close resemblance to the photos provided. looks:10 better than what I expected. Body:10 curvy and nice big boobs. Massage:8 she put in lots of effort into it. Service: 10 this part she definitely beats a lot of other hands down sensual hardworking make sure I enjoy myself thoroughly. Attitude:10
2017-08-03 22:03下午4:30 Says:
2017-08-03 20:19可爱的你 Says:
2017-08-03 19:02Shirohige Says:
This lady 110% power sia, she did what I requested. Everything Ok, no problem. BBBJ and fuck really hard.
Overall 11/10
2017-08-02 17:24A Says:
Hi SG wolf, I've tried to make appointment with her but was told that number not familiar, how do I go about?
2017-08-03 01:34-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-08-02 00:48Kisses Says:
Provide good service, massage before and after the action. have a full 1 hour service and easy to chat with..
Feel make up abit heavy

Looks: 8/10
Body: 8.5/10
BBBJ: 7/10
FJ: 7.5
RTF when Vitamin M allowed
2017-07-31 00:09Sam Says:
2017-07-30 15:2311:00 Says:
Good hotel location. Good pretty girl. Good sex good service. Worth a try
2017-07-30 00:26KIM Says:
This time is my second time.

She is still quite pretty and kind. I like her
She always say "yes" and "can" about my asking to play other job.
I recommend her to all of you, bros.
This is my socore.

Face : 10/10. Same as photo and quite pretty.
Body : 10/10. Gorgeous.
FJ : 10/10. She is expert. She knows how to feel good and comfortable.

Pls book now. She is the best in sgwolves. . I want to meet her one more, before i go back to my country.
2017-07-29 23:05小狼狗 Says:
2017-07-29 17:03Coolwater Says:
Met her yesterday and simply say she was awesome. Good attitude and open minded. Willing to revisit her
2017-07-29 14:39Tokyo Says:
Top of top. Kind and sweet.
2017-07-29 14:36Tokyo Says:
Tried her yesterday. Very sweet and kind. Made me very comfortable during the work.
Same as picture and stylish.
Cant wait to see her again.
2017-07-29 10:47Volcano Says:
Very sweet girl. Service very good. Can french and has big boobs. 10/10 experience.
2017-07-28 19:03脱光搜你身 Says:
2017-07-28 16:39Samy Says:
Can you please register my no ?
2017-07-28 16:40-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-07-27 22:10Crow Says:
Very fortunate to be able to have appointments with Hanna.She has unique customer service attitude not easily found .She always want to satisfy my needs.Thank you for the excellent service!
2017-07-27 21:35JJJames Says:
2017-07-26 21:50Unknown Says:
Bro can you help to register my phone number
2017-07-27 00:05-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-26 00:14爱你的 Says:
妹妹人又美丽,态度很好, 服务很棒。
从洗澡到床上都是那么体贴, 温柔和很乐意服侍我。
2017-07-26 00:01爱长腿 Says:
2017-07-23 18:22你的粉丝 Says:
2017-07-22 23:48sgwolves Says:
2017-07-28 00:58-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-27 19:04 Says:
2017-07-23 17:56-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-23 13:52 Says:
2017-07-21 16:11King wang Says:
Sg wolf 你好,
多谢您 sgwolf.
2017-07-21 23:49-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-21 23:17-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-21 15:14维京战斧 Says:
昨晚约的她 欧美范儿 前凸后翘 北京大妞 很耐心 服务很好
2017-07-20 21:40David Says:
2017-07-20 20:55罗宾 Says:
2017-07-20 13:04Best Wolf Says:
狼主,帮我一下,我约了她好多次了 可是都没有回复我。
2017-07-21 23:19-sgwolves- Says:



2017-07-19 22:32新司机 Says:
2017-07-20 00:41-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-19 11:16爱长腿 Says:
2017-07-18 18:17可進BB Says:
2017-07-19 00:37-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-18 13:32Ray Says:

2017-07-18 07:30Devin Says:
Visit her last night. Confirm the photo is real. In fact, real person look pretty. She wore a translucent white shirt without wearing her bra to welcome me. See already my cock immediately stand hard. She is really very sexy. Service is great and GFE is very good. Must RTF again before she goes back.
2017-07-17 15:22爱美眉 Says:
既然照片有脸,为什么视频把脸遮起来呢? 我只找视频上有露脸的美女,不相信照片上的熟美女。
2017-07-17 07:43Yan Says:
这大美女是我所遇见中最好的 都回满足你各种需求 我也折腾了她不短时间 可她没有丝毫的不耐烦 搞到我自己都不好意思了如果是别人早就甩脸色了 this gals is the best gals i ever met. Top class in outlook n service. 总之佢真係好好野 某得顶 靓女等我禁一排时间再揾你 唔会俾你d水白流嘅

2017-07-17 00:23万宝路 Says:
2017-07-16 17:33Alone Says:
2017-07-16 10:22Gof Says:

2017-07-16 02:20Nicky Says:
2017-07-16 00:20Melvinwei Says:
2017-07-16 02:04-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-15 19:42Ak47 Says:
2017-07-15 14:49Hunter Says:
身材超棒,服务态度更加超好,不会因为我迟到,而草草了事。 还让我尽情享受。给她无限个赞

2017-07-15 02:43Friday最后一个 Says:
2017-07-14 21:07King Says:
2017-07-14 19:39Make love Says:
2017-07-14 10:29Kim Says:
Perfect gal, service is awesome, Bros who want to have a tall, service oriented and nice figure should look for this gal
A gal that is nice catch
2017-07-13 14:55第一次 Says:
脸 /looks10/10
身材/ figure10/10
胸部/ breast10/10
服务/ service10/10
做爱/ make love 10/10
2017-07-13 13:21David Says:
Had a session with hanna today. Hotel environment was good,but hanna was even better. Great GFE, amazing skills with mouth and hand, moaning also very sexy. Will definitely revisit
2017-07-13 11:50David Says:
Tried hannah a few days ago.amazing......
Looks prettier than the photos, with excellent figure.
Finger and oil massage was surprisingly good, and her teasing+GFE was maximum level.
Almost gave in during her lustrous BBBJ.
We had chemistry, so proceeded further and had a wonderful time.
She is a very nice lady who provides excellent service and value for money.
Do support and take care of her.
2017-07-13 10:24Rock Says:
Han Na is a very prettt girl in real person pretty then photo , good service gfe and not a time watcher , she gave me one full hr of service none stop and the best i ever visit , her blowjob is the best i ever tried best one! her fj and keep asking for change of postion , her moaning made me dam high and keep wanting for it but i cant take it till the end and i cum out in her  . will visit her when im free!
2017-07-12 22:32David Says:
Hotel environment is great, very relaxing and sets the mood! Hannah is even better than the 5 star hotel! Worth a visit.
2017-07-12 22:32阿豪 Says:
I have a fantastic session with the pretty girl for 120 minutes ! She is very friendly and chatty, her body is slim and perfect.
Her massage is also great, and she will tease you with her breast!
The girl is working in a hotel and it is very comfortable
Look: 10/10 very young and pretty, she is a beauty absolutely!
Hj: 10/10 very good
Gfe: 10/10 she tried her best to keep me comfortable and never answer a call during the session!
Rtf: yes definitely!
2017-07-12 22:02Nick Says:
2017-07-12 16:18Peme Says:

1st time looking for girl using SGWolves. She is my 1st choice at a glance. Actual look and photo are about the same. If you ask me, it is 80 to 95% similar depending your personal preference. What amaze me is her boobs and body. My sex drive is up every time thinking of her body and cute face. You might not agree, but she is truly the girl I like to f*ck and stay overnight.

2017-07-12 13:28Gary Says:
Very pretty girl, awesome service. Highly recommended
2017-07-11 21:12水瓶座 Says:
Today about Hanna,then she helped me arrange two hours.The meeting feels very good and a beauty girl.The service is good,it is worth everyone to look for her !
2017-07-11 17:49Zeal Says:
Amazing, beautiful woman. she has a very warm personality and accomodating attitude. Highly recommend Han Na. Treat her well 
2017-07-11 07:05Yee Says:
Wolves team how to register my number
2017-07-12 02:53-sgwolves- Says:

leave u number here ,we will not public u number here .

2017-07-11 01:49Osaman Says:
This is my revisit. Superior service made me comfortable, relax and happy. I am lucky to have you!
2017-07-10 20:35Jew Says:
Look : confirm pretty 9.5/10
Boobs : soft natural and heavenly to hold on 10/10
BBJ : volcano !!! 9.8/10
FJ : like 1st love 10/10
Others : near perfect 9.5/10
RTF : confirm grantee + chop
2017-07-10 18:03Lam Says:
Just had a session with her
Started off with massage followed by breast massage
Her tongue is a killer 
Lick you both back and front
Bbbj super good
Bottom tight and juicy
Worth it
Will cum to find her again
2017-07-10 17:58Anon Says:
Good service, got massage before action!
2017-07-10 17:50Daben Says:
How to register my phone?
2017-07-11 01:52-sgwolves- Says:

give me number here.

2017-07-10 17:03Mr.A Says:
She reminds me of an Air Stewardess from China, When I see her I melt but what really drives me crazy is her body! Nice beautiful teardrops D Cup breast, round perky butt yet slim with nice long legs, when enter the room she greet me, wearing a very sexy lingerie, it really drives up my blood pleasure!
I took a shower and lay down on the bed while she give me a good body massage and she do know how to strike a conversation.
Unlike most girls, after massage when I was on my front, straight away she climb on top of me and kiss me. She did ask me how I would like her to service me, if I have any kinky desires. Overall service is great ! Love her personality.
I did prepare exact amount but for her, I tips her.

Face : 8 (Chinese airstewardes look)

Body/breast : 9/10 (Natural D Cup. Slim . Light small brownish nipples. Great fair smooth skin. Amazing legs. Perky Ass)

French : 8/10

Cat Bath: 9/10

BBBJ: 8/10(Deep throut)

Painting: Allowed

FJ: 8/10

GFE : 8/10

RTF : Super GREAT BODY! Good Service!Hard Working!

2017-07-10 00:06Ah pig Says:
100 %
2017-07-09 19:41Jacob Says:
2017-07-09 18:14R Says:
2017-07-09 16:03A Says:
bro sgwolves, can help me register my no.?
2017-07-10 02:51-sgwolves- Says:

give us u number here.

2017-07-09 16:59A Says:
Bro,I ask Han na to check and she ask me where to check my number is registered, lol can advise how should we do this
2017-07-09 16:16-sgwolves- Says:

Already registered

2017-07-09 15:11Limits Says:
I've never seen before like this girl. kind and friendly with Boobs that are super big. will rtf if i have time or when im in central area 

Looks : 10/10
Boobs : 10/10
Service : 10/10
Massage : 10/10
BJ : 10/10
2017-07-09 03:58Picky Says:
2017-07-08 21:39RCICTY Says:
Today my first time looking for her.
Attitude excellent, one of the best
Look: sweet looking, skin white, smooth,almost perfect.
Large boob with petite body
FJ: tight, enjoy
RTF: yes i will.
2017-07-08 19:55Peter Says:
2017-07-08 18:40那个特别害羞的人 Says:
2017-07-08 15:47sadboy Says:
狼群 求帮忙 她说我的号码没有记录然后就反映了 求帮忙解决 谢谢
2017-07-09 03:05-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-08 14:39Yong Says:
One of the best out there. Beautiful, funny and very horny. Willing to accommodate and willing to do anything that will make you want to go back again. RTF most definitely.
2017-07-08 01:17CND Says:
2017-07-07 23:04Don Says:
2017-07-06 23:23喜欢你的嘴 Says:
2017-07-06 22:57perth Says:
Had a session with Hanna

Looks: 10/10 it's her photo
Body: 10/10 long legs, slim waist
Boobs: 10/10 big
Massage: 10/10 will give u a nice massage before the session
Frenching: yes, very good
fj: 10/10 it's like making love with your gf

rtf: yes
2017-07-06 13:40暗恋你的人 Says:
2017-07-06 02:33D Says:
Hannah is the best of all,Is a very high quality beauty,100%GFE feel,so nice!
2017-07-06 01:06❤️你的 Says:
Hi can check for me why my comment is not displayed fully? Thanks
2017-07-06 12:58-sgwolves- Says:

May be the cause of the network, bro, can you tell us your WeChat? We need your feedback

2017-07-06 00:05你的小可爱 Says:
2017-07-05 21:41❤️你的 Says:
经过多次波折,终于约到了这位靓女。天使般的脸孔,魔鬼般的身材。初次见面就很见谈。对她的那Angelina Jolie 的
2017-07-05 08:02Wong Says:

Excellent girl with excellent service attitude and 100% GFE feel, all brothers please take care of this bubbly girl.
2017-07-05 01:57Dg Says:
2017-07-04 20:39Vearn Says:
She is worth the $, no rushing and looks same as photo.. will also help u massage abit before proceeding
Due to I too tired, took longing time but she no complain
2017-07-04 14:25Den Says:
She's really nice and patient with me . I feel like she's one of the nicest girl encountered. Althought she did show some frustration but who wouldnt if you bang for long and can't come out . So i'm really thankful that she has the patience to end it off well . Really wanna protect her or even better make her my girlfrind.

2017-07-03 02:10背后的胖子 Says:
2017-07-03 01:56Jan Says:
Exceed my expectation by a lot. 
Does not rush and behave like friends .
She has very smooth skin and looks like the picture shown here. Her breast are real. Strongly endorse her .
2017-07-02 23:42beatbeat Says:
super good quality, damn nice GFE feel. confirm RTF
2017-07-02 00:13KapFM Says:
Hannah is the best of all, kind & gentle. love her everything. Fantastic moment
2017-07-01 21:46Psy Says:
2017-06-26 17:48Sad Says:
Been trying to book her, always either Telco message saying 'not available' or doesn't pick up at all.
2017-06-23 10:33FM Says:
2017-06-23 17:36-sgwolves- Says:


2017-06-23 17:18-sgwolves- Says:


2017-06-21 22:50水瓶座 Says:
管理员速度联系 怎么约不了
2017-06-23 17:36-sgwolves- Says:


2017-06-12 02:20Pem Says:
女友感覺滿滿的,讓我心情也好了起來,真的是非常棒 ,想再見到她!!
2017-06-10 00:29JohnTWD Says:
She said that my number has no records and that she will not accept a 'new' number that she cannot check. I've met other ladies here before so I'm not sure how she cannot check my number. I am keen on booking her so can you please help? Thanks!
2017-06-09 22:25Tan Says:
2017-06-09 22:13Tim Says:

刚约了这个女孩。 人美得不用说。还很可爱很温柔。
身材没话说。 很她做的时候和女朋友没两样。
2017-06-08 21:50Interestedguy Says:
Hey man, I've tried different ways to try contacting her but I can't reach her. Can you help? Much appreciated.
2017-06-09 02:00Interestedguy Says:
Here? As a reply like this?
2017-06-09 01:35-sgwolves- Says:

OK,pls leave u number here ,we will not public u number .

2017-06-08 20:09JohnT Says:
I've tried texting, calling and WhatsApp but I've not gotten a reply yet. Can I get some help to arrange a session with her please?
2017-06-07 21:58 Says:
去找了 汉娜好几次。只能说服务非常非常好!




2017-06-07 15:17快男 Says:
2017-06-07 00:00KiM Says:
I've never seen before like this girl. She is beautiful and kind. If i want to do another things, she say "can, can". I am impressed . And her oil massage is i never forget.

Looks : 10/10
Boobs : 10/10
Service : 10/10
Massage : 10/10
BJ : 10/10
Kiss : 10/10

All 10. I just know why she is top girl. She is the best girl i think.
Why dont you book now? Dont miss her.
2017-06-06 15:09新手 Says:
2017-06-08 01:41-sgwolves- Says:


2017-06-07 17:48新手 Says:
酒店开工是说去酒店? 房钱单算是吗?
2017-06-07 04:27-sgwolves- Says:


2017-06-05 00:23LFXW Says:
2017-06-04 05:57Xim Says:
2017-06-03 08:54Nigen Says:
2017-06-02 10:02Jack Says:
Looks: 10/10
Boobs: 10/10 (我超喜欢的!)
Massage: 9/10 (好舒服噢!)
BBBJ: 8/10
Frenching: 10/10
FJ: 10/10
GFE: 10/10
RTF: Definitely YES!
2017-05-10 18:01Iceman1 Says:
Hello Bro, I have also texted on WhatsApp and reply . Haha.
Thanks to help check.
2017-06-25 07:59Iceman1 Says:
Bro ... morning.
Haha .
I think I must have texted for maybe 1 month liao. Thank You .
I try again ")
2017-06-23 17:19-sgwolves- Says:

Has registered

2017-06-14 00:53-sgwolves- Says:

we will not public u number here la ,do not worry .

2017-06-13 22:03Iceman1 Says:
How can I leave my number ... this page is Public viewing ..
2017-05-11 01:59-sgwolves- Says:
bro ,maybe u number have problem ,leave to us ,we try to help u to check .
2017-05-03 20:02等好久 Says:
妹子服务很好 自己心里有负担 搞了很久 最后说学金融的
2017-05-01 17:11飞哥 Says:
从来不去按摩店,因为大S我去了按摩店!比较讨厌去按摩店,因为按摩店环境都很差!一到她的店我觉得按摩店人多感觉不好,可是见到她本人立即First class的感觉,立即感觉头等舱了!感觉来按摩店虽然环境没有那么大可是见她本人就值了!服务好身材劲爆,超级正!腿长!会再光顾,不干她人生不圆满!
2017-05-01 00:06浪里白条 Says:
刚从大s那里回来,照片是本人,腿长身材好,不过胸应该没有d,估计是c-的样子,服务很舒服,推油做的不错,手指挑逗下体的时候很爽,厚嘴唇接吻感觉特棒,就是美女舌头有点上火,所以有些躲闪。聊天感觉很好,妹子居然和我一个学校的。服务中会问喔感受怎样,喜欢什么方式。 鲍鱼干净没有异味,毛毛耶修剪过,做爱得时候很配合,说换姿势就换姿势。感觉就是特别放松那种,做足一个钟的服务。不过SPA店的环境确实是个通病,房间小,按摩床也小,所以有些不方便。还好我去的时候是晚上,人不多,没有遇到之前狼友说的排队冲凉的事。不过今天有个不好的就是我等了比较久,因为我订的有点早,到晚上的时候短信被顶上去忘记了,所以大s时间管理有点混乱啊,需要注意一下。总体来说,还是很值得的,也不枉多等了一会儿。
2017-05-01 00:19浪里白条 Says:
2017-04-30 03:04fullofcrap Says:
looks like someone is actively promoting this lady. the broken english grammar is way too similar to be written by different people.
2017-04-26 22:38Bigger S Says:
I do not understand the need for photoshop in some of her pics, she's already beautiful.
In fact even prettier than her pics used here. Was already having a hard on looking at her,
even with her clothes still on.
Looks: 9/10

She did her best to make me feel comfortable, as well as accommodate to my needs.
Initiating a conversation helped during awkward moments where l just stared at her and drooled.
Gives a good massage too. Before and after the deed.
Service and what we call GFE: 8/10

And as for the deed itself, it was the kinda stuff lovers would do. There were kisses, there was petting, a wicked blowjob, she got on top. And before l could register much else, BOOM!
I finished standing by the bed holding her waist.
FJ: 8/10

Can't think of any reason not to return for more. ; )

2017-04-26 03:20鸟叔 Says:
2017-04-25 20:29垃圾记录 Says:
2017-04-25 14:36Wolf Says:
2017-04-18 22:25Henly Says:
2017-04-18 09:28Kimmy Says:
2017-04-16 21:36天文地武 Says:
Very hardworking girl that works until times up. Service is perfect and strong gfe easy to engage with.

Looks: 9
Body: 10 (INSANE boobs which is big and perfectly shaped)
Massage: 10 (Way better than other girls. Before and after fj gave massage)
AR: None but she did this amazing anal stimulation with baby oil and fingers with milking of my little bro. Amazing
69: 8
FJ: 9 (Very passionate, frenched like lovers. Wasn't wild but very passionate)
Gfe: 10 (Totally zero awkwardness very chatty and accommodating. Highly sociable girl)
2017-04-16 03:17色狼 Says:
Is her boobs natural or enhanced?
2017-04-15 17:10Irin Says:
2017-04-12 16:41老司机 Says:
服务态度是很多老人不能比的,这样美还愿意这样好的态度做是很多人不能比的,服务真的没话说,high GFE
2017-04-12 13:35German Says:
I like her so much,good service,and nice body,don't miss her,or you will regret.
2017-04-12 00:42Maximum Says:
Beautiful and sexy woman,I have never see a wowan so perfect like her,I will always go to find her.
2017-04-11 22:012k17 Says:
one of the best moment i had. money well spend. pls take care of her.
2017-04-10 22:40于总 Says:
2017-04-10 21:37Victor Says:
2017-03-22 09:28Leon Says:
2017-03-21 07:16David Says:
2017-03-19 00:52Max Says:

2017-03-18 14:53TanChong Says:
2017-03-17 17:12Nickson Says:
2017-03-16 08:53Peter Says:
2017-03-15 06:07Amber Says:
2017-03-14 18:20Tommy Says:

2017-03-14 09:10Allen Says:

2017-03-14 01:17Mark Says:

2017-03-13 18:50Nelson Says:
2017-03-07 07:37Tan Says:
2017-03-04 08:33Tom Says:
超好的女孩,找過不少按摩店的妹子,big S真的是很出色的,要好好珍惜她啊
2017-03-03 23:00NodaryJin Says:
2017-03-03 16:47Ray Says:
She is pretty and the service is good however if she in hotel place that will be perfect
2017-03-03 11:36Jack 蚂 Says:
Hanna looks much prettier in real person and has a very good attitude. No problem having a nice chat with her to break ice. Her boobs are natural, nice fit for her size, not too big just beautiful to touch and play but sensitive, so need to be gentle. Even after the deed, she offered massage until the time was up, thumbs up for her good service. There is still room for improvement on the environment, got to q up for toilet, towel was torn. Overall good experience.
2017-03-02 23:42Johnny Says:
Very good girl. Just like stay with your girlfriend,She have big boobs,I like touch and kiss,good skill,I will come back for her.
2017-03-02 18:59欲望 Says:
大S真的很好。 按摩店也去了蛮多次了,我觉得她的服务做得最好,做得我很舒服。
胸大,绝对是真的,皮肤白而且很滑,手感很好哦 ,
碰到她我觉得自己战斗力都下降了,出得很快太有感觉了,她的颜值很高 真人比照片漂亮
2017-03-01 22:36Huang Says:
2017-03-01 21:04A Says:
SMS her and WeChat her, no reply from her. How did u guys contact her
2017-03-07 03:16-sgwolf- Says:
we inform her already .
2017-03-06 19:10A Says:
Hi I have passed u my number, so what's the issue? Thanks
2017-03-02 04:13-sgwolf- Says:
Maybe u number have problem ,can u give us u contact number ,we will not public u number here 
2017-03-01 19:55SongTang Says:
2017-02-28 23:14steven Says:
Beautiful and lovely goddess, his appearance makes charming and hot service good attitude is worth a first class, she will not very hurry time.

service is very good prefect.

her height is 170cm boob is great big

but I will go Find her again
2017-02-28 21:17Paul Says:
When I see her,it was very impressed .She is a tall (about 170?)and pretty girl,looks very young,maybe just 21~23 years old,and she have very good service,and not on rush,tataly 60 min service,give you a good experience,I will go to find her next time.
2017-02-28 20:09Edward Says:
2017-02-28 06:55PandaChun Says:
2017-02-28 01:45Wong Says:
2017-02-28 00:47Cheng Says:
2017-02-27 12:48Tony Says:
High quality woman,it is worth to treat her like treasure,I will go to find her again.
2017-02-27 10:35Sexhunter Says:
2017-02-26 23:33Jordan Says:
2017-02-24 05:04Ryan Says:
The beauty big (S) is so beautiful and the service is great. and she is very shy and warm in the room, but her serivce is very perfect and not in a hurry

she like a star like fan bing bing

she is very unique specially

her high is 170cm and very tall

very very deserve
2017-02-24 01:28Derrick Says:
She's gorgeous in real person. She was a Air stewardesses previously when she was in China. And she has a S line. Figure is very good.
Likewise her service is pretty good but perhaps she's not very used to it. She tend be shy so if she can open herself out more that might improve her service.
Overall is a great session. If only I have a chance probably I'll go chase after her Hahaha!
2017-02-23 23:37hcm69 Says:
Met her some time ago last year in Sept/Oct

It was very nice of her to reject another booking and accept my last minute appointment (half an hour in advance).

Saw her and was wowed, she looked exactly like her pics. Tall, probably 1.7m and very voluptuous, statuesque even.

Looks: 8.5/10
Body: 9/10
AR: None but she did this amazing anal stimulation with baby oil and fingers with milking of my little bro. Amazing
BBBJ: 6/10 (sorry but had better)
69: She was ok but could tell that she not into it all that much
FJ: 7/10 responsive and accommodating but not earth shattering

Wonderfully friendly and was always trying to set me at ease.I am Chinese but prefer to speak English. Her English was pretty good, she has a decent official international english language proficiency test score. So communication was in Chinese and English language.

RTF: Maybe.

2017-02-21 18:48Jimmy Says:
I met her today. Good location in the center of the city. I was surprised she was exactly same as the photo, beautiful and really tall, had really nice boobs. Started from oil massage, went to balls massage, BBBJ, 69, then FJ. Tried many different positions.
She can speak some English, still on the way though. Will definitely RTF. Highly recommended.
2017-02-21 00:12Nsu Cheng Says:
2017-02-20 04:24Tang Says:
2017-02-19 22:30kethYue Says:
高挑美女 身材很好 胸很大皮肤很滑 而且服务态度真的很好 不赶时间 细心周到 做完以后还会简单的按摩 还会再找她
2017-02-19 13:45小D Says:
传简讯也没有回 是不是没做了?
2017-02-20 02:38-sgwolf- Says:
2017-02-19 13:43seawolf Says:
2017-02-20 02:37-sgwolf- Says:
2017-01-28 10:41Alex Says:
2017-02-20 02:36-sgwolf- Says:
2017-02-19 01:19Alex Says:
我说就不是这样说了 因为我约过几个M+的女孩子
2017-02-18 23:14-sgwolf- Says:
2017-01-27 09:32Danney Says:
2017-01-27 08:39Theone Says:
I wasn't able to contact. send her lots of text and called her twice but didnt picked up? May I have your assistance?
2017-01-26 17:19Skyyy Says:
2017-01-26 11:28headshot Says:
she went back china already?
2017-01-27 09:53sgboy Says:
Bro why call or text her no reply? So hard to book her. Can go her shop directly to book her?
2017-01-26 23:44-sgwolf- Says:
she is in sg now .
2017-01-26 00:42Imhin Says:
2017-01-25 15:55Pong Says:
2017-01-24 16:24Jeason Says:
2017-01-24 01:19Wang Says:
2017-01-23 18:19加拿大炮王 Says:
2017-01-23 15:15Douch Says:
2017-01-21 15:59Ck Says:
2016-12-21 11:50老炮 Says:
2016-12-20 20:34Sky Says:
2016-12-21 03:00-sgwolf- Says:
2016-12-19 18:03Kiki Says:
2016-12-16 22:56狼魂 Says:
今天终于约到了大S 她的时间排的好满,好不容易见到了她 大S本人真的很漂亮,比照片更好看 ,身材非常的好 感觉很诱人 一看到她就让我有种很想抱她的感觉,完美的大咪咪 真的有38D,绝对真实,手感没得说 还有粉色的乳头,非常可爱,她的乳头很敏感 很快就硬了。我非常喜欢她的身体,抱着她感觉好享受,皮肤非常的滑 我觉得我的手都不够用了,一个手摸奶子一个手摸她的身体还是觉得不够,她的口技也非常棒 吸得我差点都出来了 本来还想让她用大咪咪给我做呢,但是实在忍不住了我们就开始做爱了 我实在忍不住想要马上开始干她了。她的小穴很紧 也很热 插在里面真的太舒服了 我们换了几个姿势 平常我都可以做很久的,可是今天被她夹的太舒服了我很快就射了 从来都没有感觉这么爽过 她看到我要射了还故意用力的夹我弟弟,那种感觉真的太爽了,之后她看还有时间又帮我按摩了一下,也蛮享受的。她的服务真的很棒 这个价格真的很值 下次我一定还要去找她!
2016-12-13 00:37嗜血法医 Says:
2016-12-13 00:39-sgwolf- Says:
2016-12-11 14:56Ken Says:
收费模式可以具体一些吗?135/40mins 给小姐还是店的呢?
2016-12-11 16:37sgwolf Says:
2016-12-10 15:25PsyChon Says:
2016-12-09 20:34 Says:
2016-12-09 20:12Xiao hei Says:
2016-12-09 19:34John Says:
nice p re t t y prefect. will come again to find you,your sereicve is good
2016-12-09 19:26啊狼 Says:
2016-12-09 11:34Sgtiger Says:
Work at spa or apartment?
2016-12-10 00:07-sgwolf- Says:

Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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