Girl complete data 女孩详细资料




1号Xiao Yun(小芸)



34C (all natural)


Room & CD Included 包房包套

West Area 西部地区

Chinese Garden 裕华园

8281 8633

Pls say from 【sgwolfs】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!


Service 服务: Shower togetherv★鸳鸯浴 / Simple massage★简单按摩 / Nipples★舔奶头 / Painting★舔鲍鱼 / Chest push★胸推 / 69Type★69式 / BBBJ★无套口胶 / FJ★有套啪啪 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves90一次FJ!价格实惠,可舔鲍鱼!欢迎体验!7

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2017-10-21 02:46狼人 Says:
2017-10-20 13:04lonelyboy Says:

Had session with her yesterday.

Generally good attitude, friendly and cute. Even bath for me when i arrive (but no action in bathroom). She is a bit tanned so those who like snow white look, take note. In terms of service, her catbath was a highlight for me. Only thing is, she won't let me kiss her body and keep saying itchy. No frenching too. So only can autoroam her body, squeeze her boobs, etc. So that is a minus point for me. But if you don't mind one-way service then she is pretty good.

Overall for $90 can't complain. I have had worse for higher price. May consider revisit as location convenient for me.
2017-10-19 03:30Bay Says:
When she come back punggol? i miss her so much.
2017-10-16 16:53Joe Says:
Tried her in Punggol. Must try again
2017-10-09 21:53Jo Jo Says:
Hi,does Xiao Yun speak English.
2017-10-15 01:54小芸 Says:
I know a little
2017-10-08 23:01外星人 Says:
Small size girl with good figure.
Worth the money
2017-10-08 22:59外星人 Says:
Small size girl with gd figure
Good service.
2017-10-06 23:22小芸 Says:
2017-10-06 00:22WOof Says:
Is her number working?
2017-10-06 01:02-sgwolves- Says:

she is work ,bro .

2017-10-05 22:43hougang Says:
Try her when she in punggol area. Good service.
2017-10-05 13:13 Says:

2017-09-27 21:57缘来是你 Says:


2017-09-08 11:29最爱你的人是我 Says:
2017-09-07 06:50爱不够 Says:
2017-08-21 17:48MANDOM Says:
please come over to north..I waiting for you.
2017-08-12 13:05阿大 Says:
狼主 我想确认一下舔鲍鱼的意思 是男舔女的下体吗?
前天找了这妹妹 人美极了 服务手法也好 可是不给舔下体 她服务项目里有舔鲍鱼啊 我看到她的鲍鱼就流口水了 可是不给舔
2017-08-19 22:20111 Says:
2017-08-13 02:20-sgwolves- Says:


2017-08-04 16:06Skl8188 Says:
How come her price sometimes 70 sometimes 90 sometimes 100?
2017-08-04 21:57-sgwolves- Says:

$90 one shot for FJ, sometimes she do HJ is cheap.

2017-07-31 22:09kek Says:
She's never replied any of my messages.. 3rd time trying in a month already..
2017-08-01 01:12-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-07-26 16:06大屁 Says:
Pic is same person. Why others say different. I visited her once a month. She here for a year already.
She is one of those who dont really photoshop her pics. U get what u see.
2017-07-24 20:23老狼 Says:
2017-07-09 07:38Impressed Says:
Very sweet girl, 1 x SYT!
Will RTF for sure
2017-07-07 16:52Okay Says:
The pictures and in person are not that similar. Maybe 80%, but consider ok looking still. Slighter older than in pictures.

Looks 7/10
Body 10/10 nice boobs for her small frame
GFE 8/10 The BJ really like GF feeling
FJ 8/10 Pretty standard
BJ 10/10 Really enjoy this
Service 8/10
2017-06-27 16:42Torjack Says:
The lady is very good on top. Pretty lady, the same as pic. The only thing I complain is she used cellpone while on service. But overall i am satisfied.
2017-06-25 22:49 Says:
Looks 9/10
Body 10/10 love to hold her boobs during sex
Attitude 10/10
FJ 9/10
BJ 10/10 warm and strong suction
Service 9/10 with nice massage
Location : 7/10

RTF: Yes
2017-06-15 23:50Marck Says:
Any tips for first timers? Whats the system like?
2017-06-16 09:44-sgwolves- Says:

call and SMS u can make apointment .

2017-06-06 22:49Victor Says:
Is awesome just now tried with her so cutie she make love so passion feel shiok of her.
2017-06-06 20:12我是25岁的少年 Says:
2017-06-07 04:22-sgwolves- Says:


2017-05-06 21:47老雕 Says:
2017-04-28 00:21Skl8188 Says:
Met this gal today. Real person as in photo. Nice bbbj with lots of tongue action. 个子娇小玲珑。pleasant looking. Like it.
2017-04-09 00:01浪子、 Says:
狼主 为什么我的评论显示不出来?这女孩手机能打通为什么没人接?还在吗?
2017-04-09 09:11-sgwolf- Says:
2017-03-29 01:26不明白 Says:
网主我去找了这个女的 为什么这个女的要我加她微信?
2017-04-27 23:48Sheep Says:
2016-12-12 02:33Uncle Says:
Meizi(previously known as Yafei)is always my favorite. She's a hot chick with an innocent teenager look. But watch out for this insatiable nymph. She enjoys sex so much that she will suck you dry with her tight pussy every time!
2016-12-02 10:41圣猫 Says:
What is her actual boobs size ? Any bros tried already and consider its a good boobs..
2016-11-24 21:33Tan Says:
2016-11-19 00:44Jeffrey ys tan Says:
2016-11-16 23:34孤独求败 Says:
2016-11-11 03:40bugetbonk Says:
just visit her last night, very good, real boobs grab handful small pinkish nip when high get hard
small waist with good butt, skillful in blow job,won't regret going find her, location is abit far but worth the effort
during whole session never use hp, recommend bros, i will rtf as ASAP
2016-11-10 18:43180 Says:
Honestly, great service. Photo with heavy makeup and photoshop, but still 70% lookalike.
2016-11-06 13:52Chris Says:
2016-11-07 11:17Chris Says:
2016-11-06 23:37-sgwolf- Says:
2016-10-13 00:52木吉他 Says:
I don't usually write reviews, but she is really a good girl, let me indulge her voice, her soft breasts is pink, she used her soft tongue across my body, the moment I feel I have reached the zenith of comfortable. You don't miss her, she is a tender baby, let you forget the troubles of life.
Looks like 10/10
Attitude is 10/10
service 10/10
Location : 10/10
Conclusion: absolutely not miss it
2016-07-24 11:48殺手 Says:
2016-07-19 22:28缘分 Says:
2016-07-16 13:23777 Says:
it's a tropical rain forest down there. 她下面毛发如热带森林一样茂盛。
2016-07-18 13:36雅菲 Says:
2016-07-04 19:24badluck Says:
2016-06-29 13:47Lee_Hak Boon Says:
2016-07-02 12:58雅菲 Says:
2016-06-27 22:02老狼wolf Says:
2016-06-24 04:13happy Says:
She's so hot . Lick me all over !! Gosh her tongue are so fabulous !!
2016-06-03 16:0812am wolf Says:
Good stuff
2016-05-15 00:46大老二 Says:
2016-05-24 05:39Uncle Says:
2016-05-11 09:28德士 Says:
2016-05-12 01:06Zack Says:
Hi sgwolf. need to ask you something privately regards to accommodation.
2016-05-12 00:46sgwolf Says:
2016-05-11 14:44sgwolf Says:
2016-04-23 12:44dave Says:
accept Indian? can understand english?
2016-10-12 18:26Leo Says:
can accept Indian???!!!
2016-05-15 00:46大老二 Says:
Hey bro, you up already? How is the service?
2016-04-23 16:57sgwolf Says:
She could accept the Indians. But she does not understand English. Please use the Translation Assistant
2016-04-13 20:01Wu Says:
Sgwolf, I have visited at least 3 different girls. But all look totally different from picture. Please use normal picture.
2016-04-10 10:25Skl8188 Says:
Bro sgwolf can check is this girl still working? Msg, wechat, call all no reply one.
2016-04-10 01:21Wu Says:
Is her bottom very bushy?
2016-04-10 16:38好奇人 Says:
她下面毛发好像好黑好浓密, 是吗?
2016-04-09 02:17abc Says:
When watsapp the number will lead to another gal
2016-04-08 19:02ong_lai_kia Says:
No reply when call, no add on wechat for booking leh
She still working or not?
2016-04-08 07:43anonymous Says:
Why all previous feedback had been removed ?
2016-04-08 16:56sgwolf Says:
Her new update, so the previous comments have all gone.
2016-04-07 17:11peter Says:
Anyone try b4 ?

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