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146号 May



38C(all natural)



Room 包房

West Area 西部地区

Bukit Batok 武吉巴督

8424 2993

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Massage girl 按摩女孩


Service 服务: Authentic FINGER PRESS Massage★正宗指压按摩 / Authentic FINGER OIL Massage★正宗油推按摩 / Boobs Massage★波推 / Prostrate Maintenance★前列腺保健 / Grasp root★抓根 / Back Kneeling★跪背 / Head Massage★头部按摩 / Facial Massage★脸部按摩 / HJ★打飞机 / Lymphatic Drainage Massage★精油开背,全身淋巴排毒 / Scraping★刮痧 /

About 介绍:

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2017-12-13 21:41Beowulf Says:
Visited May this evening, further reinforcing the other reviews as other bros have written.

Don't expect any lewd services, she's the legit you pay for her skills those kind of massage.

Be warned that with great massage comes with great pain. Cuz knowing it's painful = u're getting better.

First juagen experience. Though painful, but it's cuz got toxin accumulating. As it gets cleared off little by little, pain will also gradually disappear.

U'll get to know more about how to take care of ur body, some health care knowledge as u get ur massage.

Thing to note is that she'll take a few customers a day. Plus ur number should be registered. Otherwise, chances are that you'll get ignored. But please be patient if u wanna legit book a session. Try again after a day or two just for her to judge u legit looking for good massage.

Her 10+ years experience in massage is no joke. Though we can tarek the pain ah, she knows that u enduring. She press press will know where u feeling sore one. Just voice out if pain so she know to focus to target the root of the problem.

Definitely a RTM be it 1 or 1.5 hr. Mobility confirm up after the session.
2017-12-12 12:54Uncle Lai Says:
Visited May thru a close contact recommendation.
Specially went for her Juagen as i have been trying almost every Juagen massaue in Singapore. Been there, done that! May is the Ultimate one for me! No Handjob type of Juagen but smiliar to those Thailand kind..brothers who have tried it should know. For those fence sitters, do not hestiate to try it and you will not regret it..Booking may take sometime as she is packed with customers especially weekends. Do make booking in advance! Overall, long story short. Can feel the differences in hardness and ease of passing urine - common old people problem :(
2017-12-09 12:48Uncle lover Says:
All reviews are accurate. I was fortunate that she happen to have a empty slot before she call it a day. Apartment filled with privacy, spacious, quiet and clean. The high bed is awesome. Everything is unforgettable. RTM is a definite yes and many times more
2017-12-06 20:12Bumblebee Says:
She is a very experienced masseur, good strength and skills. 

Instead of rushing just because there's another customer that's coming, she finishes the complete massage as advertised with a positive attitude and of course message the other customer to wait a little longer so as she could finish properly.

I am one to know cos that's what she did to me but it was okay as she apologized to me again and again. (So if any bros here get the text to wait a little longer, do understand  Cos she will definitely do that for you too. )

Best part was it wasn't a haphazard massage, having massage another costumer before, instead she was completely professional about it and gave it her all.

Honestly for this kind of price with her level of skill is really a good try, best try, must try! Real Gem here! 

Most definitely will return for more 

2017-12-02 15:07Evo 9 Says:
Quickly made an Juagen and massage appointment to see May after seeing her review on male health maintenance issues. Been looking for a proper session. Senior chiongster should know what I meant

Location is discreet with easy access at a quiet neighbourhood. 1st impression of May- Mature looking - but will not reject kind. I was assured that she was the right one for and not those sneazy kind. Phew! no wasted trip this time round. We explore on Chinese medicine and juagen related subjects . She was well-versed and knowledgeable. Well after session, I actually felt refreshed after falling asleep in the midst of the session. JUAGEN was authentic with efforts to push out the blockages. Can see her perspiring whilst doing so. Left her a small tip and thanked her for the effort.

I was advised not to shoot during session to prevent * air * from exiting the body. Wd advised to do a follow up session due to several blockages Overall, I find May a sincere gal with positive attitude.

2017-12-01 15:57Rolly Prolly Says:
Here is my short review on May. Decided to go different this time round for serious massage. Chanced upon her review and decided to give it a try.

Location: 9/ 10 - Quiet, cosy and discreet neighbourhood.

Appearance: 9/10 - look better than pictures. Beautiful features - Attractive Milf but not those hanky panky types.

Service: Greeted me with a smile and offer drinks to make myself at ease upon arrival.

Massage: 9 /10 - read review and decided to try it out myself. Professional and well- verse on the correct spots and strength to soothe the aching points.

Juagen: 9/10 - must try! Not those usual fake juagen of handjob type. This is the real stuff that i have encountered during my trip to thailand last year.really soothe out the veins on the testicles areas around it.Can feel the difference in hardness!

Verdict : A wonderful experience and my first choice when i need a serious massage sure!
2017-08-21 23:59Poker face Says:
This is an overdue FR. Went there with intention of just massage n JG.

Location is convenient. Easily accessible by public transport. Apartment is clean.

Massage strength is good (I'm small sized). JG is not bad.

Really a MILF look. You won't get turned on by looking at her. Those going for cute and pretty girls can forgo her

2017-08-04 00:07kp Says:
按摩手法很专业 一边按一聊天真的很减压 赞赞赞 值得一试 抓根就不多说了
2017-08-03 22:38Tan d Says:
Just visit May,her massage was great apply the correct pressure to those aching muscle like TCM master. Her Jugen was also great, she feel all the nerves down there. Recommended for those who want good massage and Jugen. Definitely will return.4
2017-08-02 12:54Andi Says:
A simple review

Venue: 9 (discreet and easy access)
Cleanliness: 10 (cosy and comfortable, fresh towels and bedsheet)
Looks : 7 (real pic – attractive milf)
Body : 6 (Slightly meaty but i like it. HECK care cos going for TCM massage not beauty pagent)
Massage : 9 (High score due to correct techniques, strength, pressure and very customer service oriented)
Overall : 8.5 ( a pleasant experience and not time watcher – my session overshot and i gave her a small token as tips)

2017-08-02 10:37Pun Says:
SMS but no reply from her?
2017-08-03 10:56-sgwolves- Says:

Tell us your telephone number and we'll help you

2017-08-02 03:32Longkuku Says:
2017-08-01 19:27Mr Sim Says:
Chanced upon May's treatment post and was skeptical as i had several experience of massage lady who claim professional manhood massage but turn out to be hanky panky massages. However, I was still curious about it.

It was so concidence that i met up a buddy of mine for lunch and we spoke about manhood massage..KNN i later found out he has also visited May previously for 抓根 (manhood massage) – and commented on the penis hardness and prolonged sexual performance after the treatment.

Mai Tu May straight to book 90 mins full package treatment as advised by friend for best result..sianz – appointment full since it was an impromptu decision..what to do, bo bian book at the next available slot.

Location was discreet and access to her unit was very easy
(no security uncle or auntie looking at you suspiciously or show ic etc). I was directed to a nice and cosy apartment 

Massage was good with ample strength to loosen joints and knots and i requested her for dedicated time on manhood massage as it was impossible to do all listed service within a session.

After massaging, i was directed to flip over for Juagen or manhood massage
(*professional and fully dressed – no hanky panky stuff*) ..May examined my manhood area and commented that i had minor blockage and air in my veins between the balls and asshole resulted from excessive warfares in the past. ( 用太多火力). We had a good laugh for that!

May proceeded to apply herbal oil on my manhood started off with gentle massage on the balls followed by veins twisting and pressing on the manhood point..a little discomfort but not painful. In fact i felt real good ! Haha – May was attentive and check with me several times whether it is bearable. I nodded my head and ask her to carry was the straightening of veins to clear blockage by pushing the veins upwards propelling a gush of pressure from the veins through the penis head. Wah lao – the feeling sibei song / shiok / out of the world you call it. As default, no ejaculation or abstain from sex for a full day is advisable by old school Juagen or manhood massage guru. May then insisted for me to use only warm water to wash off the oil on my penis to prevent any cold air from entering. She later educate me with TCM theories and to minimise 打飞机 to prevent further damage.. and i was advised to return back for 1 more session if i wish to cos it is not fesible to clear my blockages in a single session..I was impressed by her professionalism and left her with a $20 tips.

Filled with anticipation and kan cheongness, i decided to reap the benefits yest night with my wife..wah lan! Really got effect leh – fast and hard erection coupled with prolonged sexual performance ( did not check timing but took a while to reach climax).. shiok! Will head back for more session for maintenance.

Verdict : Finally i found an authentic Juagen or manhood massage master on our island. Tested and proven!

2017-08-01 14:53你好 Says:
2017-08-01 15:08-sgwolves- Says:


Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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