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S+2号Xiao Xue(小雪)



36C(all natural)


Room & CD Included 包房包套

Central Area 中部地区

Hotel work 酒店开工


Pls say from 【sgwolfs】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!


Service 服务: Shower togetherv★鸳鸯浴 / Simple massage★简单按摩 / Bath oral sex★浴中萧 / Nipples★舔奶头 / Painting★舔鲍鱼 / Roam★漫游 / Chest push★胸推 / Kiss★接吻 / BBBJ★无套口胶 / FJ★有套啪啪 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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2018-01-23 15:01Simon Says:
Finally managed to book this gem today, Xiao Xue! She is really pretty. I wanted to keep looking at her but felt very shy in the presence of such a pretty girl. She's the sweet looking type, a bit like a hong kong movie starlet, the type that is a little mixed blood. She was so nice and chatty from the get go. But I wasn't there for small talk. I wanted to get started quickly. We went into the spanking clean bathroom and she soaped me down. Her skin was so fair and smooth and I couldn't resist using some soap to play with her skin too :) Then she cleaned me up properly down there and then went down on me and gave me a blowjob... very slow and long strokes... the perfect appetiser! When we got to bed, I skipped the massage and flipped myself over and got her to service me. The tongue flicks on my nipples were great. Darting little tongue making swift contact, with the occasional suck when she clamps her lovely lips over my nipple and both were given equal attention. Then the BBBJ really so damn good because she looks so pretty doing it it really feels like getting blown by a hong kong TVB actress. her figure perfect for having sex... legs so smooth and slim when I pinned them down over her and plunge myself deep inside her and I see her bite her lower lip and moan.... best. Very hard to book her but be patient and you will see why she is worth the wait. So many people return customers plus new clientele every day. lol.
2018-01-23 13:31远行者 Says:
刚约了小雪! 上个星期原本就想约她可是来大姨妈。。星期日想约又约不到。今天终于约到了! 小雪和照片里一样,不像有些女孩把照片P美美。
喜欢她这类型的邻家女孩带着点点可爱。在服务方面,不商业化,不赶时,很有耐心。 她有一副和好的身材。
2018-01-23 01:12健身教练 Says:
小雪是位年轻的小美人不只是有张漂亮的脸孔,还有那水汪汪的大眼,甜美的笑容。当她把身上的衣服给脱了,我立刻有反应,性欲指数突然破点! 没想到她的服务那么的好,真像和女友一样。做爱的过程我很享受。事后我们还聊了一会。我很想再约她 !
2018-01-14 23:42Nick Says:
2018-01-14 00:51衣柜的秘密 Says:
看了小雪的视频我忍不住打手机给她。主要是在视频里可以很清楚看见她的脸,胸和长腿。都是我选择预约的对象重要目标。果然没约错, 小雪真的很认真的替我服务。从一起洗澡到床上,在到沙发, 又面对镜子。。最后在衣柜里完美发射所有的子弹。事后她也没赶我或暗示我走。
这样的女孩真的很难得 ! 我会再约的 。
2018-01-13 07:21忙人 Says:
近来细雨绵绵,突然想约起小雪顺便带点好吃的给她。有3个多星期没约了。小雪还是老样子,漂亮,友善,服务好 不赶时。在她那里好好的享受1个小时的时间。回味无穷 ! 辛苦了 ! 下次我再约
2018-01-13 02:54-sgwolves- Says:



2018-01-11 06:38Forever Yours Says:
Chiobu ! Simply love Xiao Xue for her sweet looking look ! Friendly & girlfriend feel the moment stepped into the room. Not only she got that mix-blood next door neighbour girl type her skin is rather fair and perfect with her pair of natural big boobs. Trust me your little brother will reach out for her. Service standard was excellent. We communicate well during the making out as to achieve the max happiness we can bring to each other ! I am stucked with her from now on..
2018-01-10 22:57Boobs Lover Says:
Look exact like photo. Pretty Syt with a pair of nice boobs. Friendly and service oriented. Love making is enjoyable with bbj, 69 and tried several positions. From what i understand there a few regular always booked her for hours. Be patient if you want to book her. Afterall girl like her will be popular. Hope i have the money to book her for entire month.
2018-01-10 16:55难男 Says:
中午约了雪 ! 依然像从前一样,女朋友的感觉还是很强。我是属于很难出的男生,可是每当和雪在一起,我似乎没少了许多压力。第一次无法出,雪就轻轻的说,没关系我再帮你吹,第2次不成功。通常我相信多数女孩子都会建议打出来。。可是雪还是从新要我再试。结果真的出了 ! 雪还说 我厉害 没放弃。真的感谢雪的耐心。 我要给她 赞
2018-01-10 07:23前任男友 Says:
第一次见面,我真的吓到,90%相似。她很友善,不赶时,当时我已经完全把她当做前任。爱爱时特别有之前的女朋友的感觉。我很满意她在一小时服务。我告诉她,我们会经常见面 !
2018-01-09 22:44Be My Girl Says:

样貌 :10/10
身材 :10/10
服务 :10/10
GFE : 20/10
2018-01-09 19:37大马仔 Says:
小雪! 我回国了 ! 感谢你的细心服务和那么有耐心听我诉说我的烦恼。
你是我见到最美的女孩。我不会把你忘了。 请你保重,记得该休息就休息。
2018-01-09 18:04Mike Says:
Looked through the comments and decided to try it out. The session made me feel young again, the innonce face and her natural reactions when making out were priceless Worth every damn penny, tight and slim body with massive boobs, defintely for boobs lover. You got to have good control and edurance else you are likely to surrender the load in no time. Going to RTF until she leaves this country.
2018-01-09 07:25Early Bird Says:
A gem not to be missed ! No wonder not easy to book.
SYT with a curvy body. Big eyes, fair skin and nice pairs of boobs ! She is willing to please keep observing my reaction when she did her magic on different parts of my fat body.. i told her lets get onto the real actions. She got a really tight pussy and nice to lick .. no unpleasant smell.
Friendly easy going and definitely not commercial type !
2018-01-08 23:31炮兵 Says:
美在大眼,虎牙,混血儿。 看了就想疼想保护的小动物。雪白的肌肤,我很喜欢她的胸,特别诱人。 发现她妹妹敏感不能舔太久,她会受不了。她以最快的速度把老弟套上,直接牵着直入穴内。在我不停的动作下,她越来越激动,抱着我两个大腿拼命往她身上推。。她越推我越有兴奋感。。终于把所有的子弹全发射出去。我亲着她说太满足了。她笑着问应她也是。。真想每天都约小雪!
2018-01-08 19:17TheUsualSuspect Says:
Met Xiao Xue today, she give out this shy and gentle feel. Look the same if not prettier than photos, very nice body too. Enjoyed her service, no rush and made sure I am enjoying myself. Very hardworking girl. 10/10 RTF for sure!
2018-01-08 13:35最佳男主角 Says:
故事的女主角小雪,见到我时很意外。以为雨太大了, 我可能不来。
2018-01-08 10:19Matthew Says:
Exact look as in the photo. Confirm not meaty type as some of the girls only took photo abv the waist. Xiao Xue got a very pretty mix-blood look. At times, I do not feel that I am making love with a chinese girl. She good a pair of snowy big boobs for her size. I like to hold her shoulder bone when i bang her. Pussy is sensitive, tight and I offload mine within 10mins. Though it might be a little fast but the experience is great. After that she proceed to the shower with me to help me with the cleaning of my little bro. We spent sometime chatting as she said the next customer is not here yet so I can just spent some time in the room, if i am not in a hurry. For this reason i am writing this review to commend on her good atitudes and friendliness. I will come back to her when i got my next pay day.
2018-01-07 21:55您的性奴 Says:
我又和小雪做爱做的事。我是小雪的熟客,算起来应该有9次了。在狼群里这可能不算什么, 不过证明小雪还是有很强的号召力! 好几次都想约约别的女孩,不过手指还是播了小雪的手机。主要是因为和她爱爱时我总是很兴奋,不只是我而已,我小弟也特别喜欢,说小雪妹妹紧紧抱着他,让他极度满足约小雪妹妹的性幻想! 就是怕不能够在别的女孩得到那份兴奋感。小雪你又一次保住你的宝座! 我再约我们再来一起做爱做的事
2018-01-07 19:18Rocky Says:
可爱大眼美少女! 身材好,波大,妹妹紧 !
服务 9/10
口技 8.5/10
爱爱 9/10
别回国小雪 ! 我需要你 !
2018-01-07 18:15雪山飞狼 Says:
Lately i had browsing sgwolfs and notice many good reviews by many bros on this SYT. I decided to book her. Indeed she is one of her kind, different from some who i had booked. Her photos and video are good enough to attract my attention.
She is real,pretty,friendly,nice boobs for her size, tight pussy and odourless. She is now my No 2 choice after No. 1 Xin Yue (no longer in singapore).. for those who knows. Will return for more !
2018-01-07 11:5121岁小弟 Says:
小雪姐,是我 ! 拿着行李箱约你的小弟。自从上回我约了你, 就对你念念不忘。 知道你又回来了, 我一下飞机就马上约。没想到你还记得我,真让我太开心。我也没把你忘了。虽然加价了, 但是我还是会继续约你。和您在一起时间太短了,下次我想约2个钟 !
2018-01-07 10:27告别单身 Says:
昨晚庆祝告别单身汉夜,我的兄弟提我安排了晚上的最后一项节目。预约小雪。还记得喝了有点小醉, 但当我踏入房里见到小雪时,我突然很清醒。小雪并不知情,只是很专心的服务我。我还是第一次约,所以整个人很紧张。我会记得昨晚发生的一切。谢谢小雪给了我一个难忘的告别单身之夜。希望你遇上的客人都会爱惜你。我们就后会无期了
2018-01-07 01:44我爱AV Says:
看了小雪的两个视频就决定约她。视频里她那么青春又可爱,难怪生意好像很好。。有点难约,需要提前预约。从进门到离开酒店,我感觉我已经中了她的毒。小雪现在是我最喜欢的首选 !
2018-01-06 22:32Derek Says:
Had a date with her today, she looks even better than the photos. A quick shower together later and we are kissing on the bed, followed by a bbbj before a great session. Super tight, came so quickly and had a massage with her and spent some time chatting before time was up. Will RTF!
2018-01-06 21:36Love Is Deep Says:
Big Eyes
Nice Boobs
Tight Pussy
Fair Smooth Skin
Service Oriented

Utimate Experience with Xiao Xue.
Love you Deep Deep ..深深爱上你
2018-01-06 02:06Amarone Says:
很幸运我是小雪的最后一位客人。虽然她也看得出很累, 小雪也没丝毫没有降低服务素质。这一点让我感到值得我表扬。
我是阴差阳错约了小雪,看了她的那么多好评就决定约她。我最满意的就是她那副可爱真诚的个性。其次是样貌和胸部。最后就是爱爱时, 好紧。事后她还收到好几个哥们想约她。以后会难约。。
2018-01-05 23:22瘦子 Says:
2018-01-05 19:20 Says:
终于来到了今天,3点约了小雪,进门的时候第一眼看着多么性感的她完全和照片一样,聊了一会儿就跟随她去洗澡,妹子不赶时间还很仔细帮我洗澡,在我身上胸推简直是一流,弄得我肉棒直接硬了。妹子洗了我肉棒之后趁我不留神直接向我肉棒吹箫,差点在厕所里面开战了洗完后就跟随她上床正式开战,妹子的漫游弄得我全身痒痒,然后拉开我双脚向我蛋蛋又舔又吸接着到我为她漫游在她身上又舔又吸的,慢慢的往下向妹子的鲍鱼进行像油漆和冰淇淋般酱舔妹子,舔了很久,而且妹子一直想要我舔她鲍鱼,但是她忍不住了拿出套套为我套上去,之后直接坐上去抽插,妹子的叫声太骚了不久她说躺下去要我抽插,我一边插妹子一边看着妹子的样子感觉上快受不了了,妹子的双手紧紧的抓我手臂还对着我说(太爽了), 我不断的抽插 妹妹的叫声也跟着不断的更刺激 我实在忍不住了 有力使劲全身力气在抽插 射的满满一包 这时感觉男人我很成功 妹妹这时已经累的不行了不久后我投降了妹子问我(爽不爽啊?)我就说(爽到可以上天堂了)完事后妹子还是不赶时间和我有说有笑的。 离开时,他也不忘给我一个热情的舌吻,我慢慢的爱上这骚妹妹了
2018-01-05 18:03不是 Says:
2018-01-05 12:17The Hard One Says:
Xiao Xue looked exactly in the photos. Not meaty type. Pretty with a "mixed blood" next door neighbour girl. When she undressed herself i am surprised that she really got a pair of snow big boobs. The excitement start with action in the bathroom.. as we shower together with body contact my little bro got very aroused. As we proceed to the bed more actions took place. I must said not onky i enjoyed the session fact i enjoyed every single stroke in and out her tight pussy. She even offered me a drink as she can tell i was really HARD on her . Nice syt with good body and service. No regret !
2018-01-05 08:411314520 Says:
样貌 : 9/10 年轻,漂亮,可爱
身材 : 9/10 巨乳,不胖,美肤
服务 : 9/10 不赶时,友善, 紧
小雪不好意思, 今天哥才写评语。周末再见
2018-01-04 22:01Big Nose Says:
Shiok ! Finally found someone who i can have great chemistry with. Not easy for me to release but when looking at Xiao Xue my desire is burning ! Maybe because of her young look and tightness. Plus the facts that she is not rushing throughout the session. Hope she dun go back too soon.
2018-01-04 15:52乖男孩 Says:
Just left XiaoXue. Silky smooth skin n tight below. So happy to make her cum twice surely rtf. Must try!
2018-01-04 15:02Fat Cat Says:
Xiao Xue

Look : 10/10 SYT my type
Boobs : 9/10 Natural, Smooth
BBBJ : 8/10 Need Improvement
Service: 9/10 Willing to please
FJ : 9/10 Tight pussy
GFE : 9/10 Friendly
Value : Worth $180 no regret
2018-01-04 11:47Shiok Says:
Guys, give snow a try if you haven't, you will be blown off (literally either way) by Snow. Will definitely return when Vitamin M replenish.
2018-01-04 00:21Uncle M Says:
Baby face look with a curvy great body and handful boobs. Full services as quoted. She was very patient with me despite I could not come initially.. due to her sincere effort I finally offload my sxxxxs into her tight pussy in doggie position. I felt so satified by the extra patience she had for me. Felt my money well spent. I will visit her when my Vitamin M is replenished. Love u Xiao Xue
2018-01-03 22:05贡蟹红 Says:
邻家女孩! 小雪的样貌和身材与照片没有什么不同。不像有些女孩。特别吸引我的是她的雪白的胸和做爱时她的表情。可能因为她年纪轻所以还很紧也很敏感。事后没有赶我走还有说有笑。给我一种女朋友的感觉。
2018-01-02 22:20平凡人 Says:
一直以来都约安然,不过她要回国了还取消了所有之前预约。 在狼群发现了小雪有很多好评,收费比好多美女少,就直接约她。当第一眼看见她我就知道约对人。没想到她的身材那么好。雪白的肤色,让我爱不释手的双峰,爱爱时我感觉到彼此特别兴奋,妹妹真的很紧。看来她将成为我会一直约的美女。现在回到家还一直对她念念不忘,很想她 。
2018-01-01 23:06Zhang Says:
Just had my 1st session with Snow in 2018. She's absolutely gorgeous and beautiful.and her services are top notch too. A hidden gem not to be missed.
2018-01-01 21:16Whoizzit Says:
Visited her during new years eve.
She is very shy in the beginning.
Showered together and gave a bbbj too.
Back to the bed, she aroused me last licking my nipples and gave a good bbbj now, DT too. Suck my balls too.
She then rode me... My God!!
She is damn tight man, seriously!!
Did her many positions even standing and she never complained.
Nice moaning and good C cupped boobs.
Unload and she gave me a short massage too.
Nice lady and recommended to all bros.
2018-01-01 11:49Jackie Says:
Hidden Gem ! After reading serveral good comments about Xiao Xue I decided to book her. I am glad that i mananged to secure a session with her. My first look at her already turned me on ! Almost perfect nothing to fault in terms of her height, her look, her skin, curvy body and that innocent smile. I know i am going to enjoy the session. She is abit shy initially but once she started to her service in the bathroom .. i started to feel very excited especially with her deep throat.. as she is young so it explained her pussy is tight to bonk.. completely enjoyed the session in a few favourite positions.. finally offload my seeds of love infront of the mirror in a standing doggie style... can feel she also enjoyed the session. She is patient throughout the 1 hr. Not rushing type.
I asked for extension but she said the next 3 hours had been booked. Is a matter of time she will raise her price just like some of the popular ones.. i will definitely be back for her...
2018-01-01 00:402011红酒 Says:
2017-12-31 14:07花大叔 Says:
2017-12-31 11:38最爱雪 Says:
小雪是一位堕落凡间的女神!! 已经数不清找过她几次了。她让人有一种很真诚,舒服跟女朋友的感觉。好想把她给藏起来!!
2017-12-31 11:09似混血的我们 Says:
2017-12-30 17:36mem Says:
小雪就是我梦中的小情人。 波大。 妹妹紧。长的混血。 希望包养她。
2017-12-29 00:23武大狼 Says:

Booked Xiao Xue for two hours this afternoon. I added her WeChat before making an appointment with her. From her WeChat moments, I got the feeling that she seemed to be a melancholic girl. But when I saw her in person, she turned out to be very different from my expectations. She’s very pretty, with very fair and smooth complexion, very typical of girls from the Sichuan and Chongqing areas. She’s very friendly, wearing a sincere and heart warming smile throughout the time that we were together. Very high girl friend experience. Strongly recommended.
2017-12-25 23:54Abdul Jaffar Says:
Solid service. Highly recommended. My chinese was not good and she was patient with me.
2017-12-21 14:17Terence Tee Says:
Had a chance to book her yesterday. A sweet and cute girl appear when the door opened. Nice boobs... Perfect body and chirpy giggling. Reminds me of puppy love when I was young. So innocent. BBBJ was the best I had in ages. All on all, A GEM. An innocent Gem. Please take good care of her.
2017-12-21 00:57Alan Says:
This xiaoxue innocent look and syt, her attitude is so good that you wonwant to rtf
2017-12-19 19:04最爱雪 Says:
2017-12-19 18:55一如既往的支持 Says:
2017-12-19 15:43Bill200 Says:
Very natural, sweet, young and innocent looking.
Slim and curvy at the right places, boobs are 100% natural and more than a handful
Sincere and hardworking, heavely from blowjob to FJ.
Went through cowgirl to doggy and finished with missionary, it was intense and unforgetable session.
Glad to have went for her and was a real deal compared to others with enhanced beauty or trick shots photos.
Definitely, RTF!!!
2017-12-15 16:59desire Says:
群主 应该删掉这里以前的评论,妹妹再次回来但只做按摩但你们没换绿色框也没注解按摩女孩
约了妹妹才说只按摩 她是不是有问题还是被抓了不能做?
2017-12-18 18:18小雪 Says:
2017-12-18 13:11kunlong Says:
walao ken, poeple only concern of xiaoxue why more than 15 days already still not recover, anone with basic knowledge or study pure biology, pure science or combined science or study bio science in poly will know menstrual cycle lasts 7 days only. ken why you so worked up like very kan chiong to fuck xiaoxue, if so why not get other girls first, aiya so long you rich as towkay drive mercedes got tons of cash you can fuck a girl daily mah soon will come xiaoxue turn
2017-12-18 08:49Ken Says:
Eh desire, eu dont know how read ah? There states 120 Massage + Hj, dk u trying to be a joke or what
2017-12-15 18:19-sgwolves- Says:


2017-12-06 01:27猎人 Says:
这是一位漂亮可爱的女生。之前约了6次, 今晚第7次, 真的很享受和她一起的时间。
2017-10-30 23:43Sleepless Night Says:
My 6th visit to Xiao Xue.. totally attracted by her sincere and willingness to provide great service.. she is considered very pretty with good curvy body. A look at her can easily turned me ON.. Action started from bathroom to bed was very enjoyable...especially when i trusted deeply into her tight pussy ... can feel she get well easily and asked me do not stop as she is feeling Great .. her look on her face make me even excited... I never get tired with Xiao Xue .. i can felt she also enjoyed as much as me... she is a nice girl pls take good care of her.
2017-10-29 14:30小张 Says:
小雪是一位极品女神妹妹, 温柔体贴,态度诚恳真心, 服务一级棒! 各位如果有幸约到妹妹一定要好好的呵护跟照顾她喔!!
2017-10-29 14:30TTTTDW Says:


在床上,聊了一下后,妹妹就往弟弟那边进攻。妹妹似乎很喜欢吹萧,头一上一下的,又吸又舔的,搞了好久好久,很用功,搞到人家弟弟好硬好硬。还好弟弟性格倔强,没那么容易屈服投降。不然太快 Game Over 那岂不是太丢脸了。



不管那么多了,舔舔大王有正经事要做,不舔白不舔。。。。这下可舔到我满足了。爽啊!!! 还真奇怪,这次妹妹可没这么怕痒哦。看起来,感觉上还似乎蛮舒服享受的,又呻吟,又震,又流水。。。。好了,小弟弟在嚷嚷要插妹妹了。。。这下妹妹的表情可不得了了。开始是皱眉头,好像很辛苦,然后双手紧抓住我的手臂,然后头就一直左右摇摆,突然间,双手又抓住我的头往下拉,咀对咀亲了。。。。哇,不得了!!竟然能搞到跟我这只赖蛤蟆亲咀。。。这个还不够,亲玩后,头再继续摆动,双手这次抓紧了枕头。。。。口里喃喃自语。。。"。。。啊。。很多水。。。。很多水。。啊。。"。妹妹看来都要快崩溃了。呵呵。都快淫水泛滥了。


2017-10-28 13:50老成都 Says:
小雪美丽动人, 身材好,脾气好,试了三次才成功发射导弹
可以说她真的很有耐心。。 不像有些1次不行就说帮大飞机。
2017-10-28 03:48-sgwolves- Says:

9848**** u number is ok la .try more times

2017-10-26 19:17Dick Says:
How to date them?
Register HP?
2017-10-27 02:26-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-10-26 10:00-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-26 09:06-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-25 13:31小臉狗 Says:
2017-10-25 11:59KK Says:
Bro, how to register my hp?
2017-10-26 09:29-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-10-25 03:40-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-24 14:02jabba Says:
Hi bro, how do I register my number?
2017-10-25 03:39-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-10-24 12:34F Says:
Boss, girl refused to take me as apparently I am not registered.
2017-10-25 03:41-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-10-23 08:42-sgwolves- Says:

u number is ok,bro .

2017-10-23 03:20Batman Says:
Xiao Xue as what her name meant ...Snow ..but I called her Snow White because she got this mixed blood and youthful look. Pretty SYT with big eyes, sexy lips & curvy body.

She is a little shy but friendly. She is relatively new and only work for short term so have to advance to avoid dissappointment. Be gentle with her little sister ..take you time as it is really tight & wet..

I enjoyed all 3 sessions with her so far as she had maintained her high standard of service...I will be back again soon before she go back for good.
2017-10-22 17:17eric Says:
Bros out there, you have to try this mix blood chio bu as you will nv regret. She is the most pretty one, real person is prettier than photo confirm guarantee. It is super value for money, gotta try her before she go. Attitude is superb, greet you at the door with all smiles, accommodating in every position. Please treat her well and you will nv regret.
2017-10-22 12:31Lutung Says:
Hi Bro,

May I know how to register my number?
2017-10-21 19:56麻辣香锅 Says:
难约。。不过值得期待的漂亮女孩。眼大胸大, 服务全全做到,很有耐性,超有女朋友的感觉,很投入很紧特别爽。锁定她为长期目标。
不赶又诚恳。 请好好照顾她
2017-10-17 19:27小明 Says:
2017-10-17 14:41大哥 Says:
小雪像日本动漫里的美女一样, 眼睛大,身材火辣,一下子就投降了……
2017-10-16 02:34-sgwolves- Says:

9883**** 已结帮你通知了。

2017-10-15 17:56牛排饭 Says:
2017-10-14 23:41想约 Says:
2017-10-15 01:24-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-10 12:35为什么 Says:
2017-10-12 20:36亮挥 Says:
2017-10-10 11:33-_- Says:
2017-10-11 02:46-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-10 00:16-sgwolves- Says:

@wei  I done

2017-10-09 15:34@[email protected] Says:
2017-10-09 13:40瘦子 Says:
2017-10-07 23:29瘦子 Says:
但是今天,老天爷终于让我遇到了梦想中的女孩... 小雪。
2017-09-30 00:52K哥哥 Says:
刚约了小雪,本人和照片一样漂亮,对我而言长得像日本女生好可爱, 尤其是她那虎牙好看极了。一开门就看见穿着OL装太性感了,两颗丰胸快要掉出来了。 细心的帮我洗澡然后再稍微按摩,然后开始吹箫,深喉吹的我好爽! 差一点就要射出来了。 幸好及时停止直接开始啪啪 她的叫声好听极了,一边干一边舔乳头,看她好享受。 小雪很敏感大家要温柔些。 她配合了我几个姿势我终于射了真是好爽。事后还聊了一会儿在帮我按摩背及肩膀,完全享受和放松。 真是花的值得,要比那些$180-$200更好 而且一样在酒店。
2017-09-29 09:57Yangyang Says:
She is responsive and booking is a breeze. Petite young bubbly girl. Fair smooth skin and nice natural soft boobs with brown nips. She smells sexy, dolls up nicely too in outfits, has two cute sharp tiger teeth but does not obstruct her to give a sensual bbbj with great tongue action. Looks mixed blood and she says she's all natural.
2017-09-29 00:42J Says:
Xiao xue is very pretty, young, and cute. Looks like mix blood. Big boobs and very fair like a baby 她把我强奸的不要不要的 一定再约 你们别约满了
2017-09-28 18:13HEHE Says:
2017-09-27 21:44mixx Says:
Is she mixed blood?
2017-09-26 22:29Acr Says:
美女性感漂亮 , 和照片没差 , 胸部大, 下面紧 . 绝对床伴 会在找她
2017-09-24 22:25tomahawk Says:
Guys, I would say she treats me really well , GFE (10/10) and this is perhaps because I treat her with respect too.
She has the most beautiful eyes for me and captivating smile. She do undestand simple english too as bonus
I have visited her on a number of occasions by now and it just keeps getting better and she provide me an excellent service always.

Try and you would not regret visiting her

2017-09-28 11:11Pussy lover Says:
Is her pussy shaved ?
2017-09-24 21:10丑男 Says:
265号Xiao Xue(小雪)
小雪是个很年轻漂亮的女孩 人小小粒的 五官很吸引人 眼睛很漂亮。我是第一次约小雪 我很喜欢小雪 ,小雪的服务很好 。一开门就看到她穿一件性感的洋装 ,我喜欢她的服务 洗澡时还帮我吹了几下 很赞,小雪的 小妹妹也是小小 粉红粉红的 。在床上帮我口胶也很棒 吹到我都快受不了,
我喜欢和她爱爱 她的小妹妹还是紧的 ,还很多水呢,我没几下就给她搞定了
服务 8
爱爱 8.5
口胶 9
长相 8.5
价钱还算OK $130 我还会支持她。
2017-09-22 01:24寂寞哥哥 Says:
2017-09-21 14:04幸运者 Says:
小雪妹妹气质超群,可遇而不可求,太好了! 昨天我很幸运约下午3点,该有的服务全部都有,身材一流,去吧朋友包你值回票价,工作时都不接手机,敬业乐业。
2017-09-20 11:47Valkyri Says:
Very nice SYT lady, friendly, and provided me an excellent service !
Good price with a very pleasant looks
I Left the place a happy man . Take care of this gem.
2017-09-19 10:27Mike Says:
Young, innocence and a Real SYT. Slim, all natural busty(Handful or more) and nice bum. Hard working and a gem not to be missed. Definitely one of the top few and rare find that you can mint in the current market and don't have to burn a huge hole in the pocket.
2017-09-19 00:33X Says:
2017-09-18 20:27约旦 Says:
版主 这位女好像都不回简讯的 不接电话的。
2017-09-18 22:45-sgwolves- Says:


2017-09-18 19:13哥哥 Says:
Just left wow man so fresh and tight below not to missed

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