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148号Xiao Ai(小艾)



34B (all natural)


Room & CD Included 包房包套

Central Area 中部地区

Hotel work 酒店开工

9895 5069

Pls say from 【sgwolfs】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!


Service 服务: Shower togetherv★鸳鸯浴 / Simple massage★简单按摩 / Nipples★舔奶头 / Painting★舔鲍鱼 / Roam★漫游 / COB★射身 / Chest push★胸推 / Kiss★接吻 / BBBJ★无套口胶 / FJ★有套啪啪 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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2017-12-13 15:13good Says:
Nice service
2017-11-27 23:34YY Says:
漂亮的小姐姐哈哈哈, her tongue is really active
2017-11-24 16:40胖哥 Says:

2017-11-22 00:57 Says:
2017-11-21 03:12Mr.l Says:
Service was nice, will Chat with you while she is giving massage. Cockteases until cannot endure.
2017-11-25 20:19nick Says:
thank you
2017-11-20 21:14AK Says:
2017-11-19 18:10遇刚 Says:
2017-10-29 21:45Andy Says:
This very pretty girl I booked her on 29/10/2017 at 9pm. She cleaned my dick during shower. After that we proceeded to the bed. She sucked my nipples and dick. Very shiok. I kissed her lips. Then I enjoyed licking her nipples. She dont seem to enjoy me licking her pussy. She pushed me away. She was riding on top of me and in no time my sperm came out.
After the love session, she was very hard working massaging my back for almost 20 minutes. I enjoyed her massaged and I gave her tip. Overall: satisfaction. Will come again in future.
2017-10-28 02:04Derrick Says:
Hello how to book this girl? The number above is her number or agent?
2017-10-28 22:20-sgwolves- Says:

Hello, bro, tell us your phone number and we'll help you

2017-10-24 15:36 Says:
2017-10-23 21:24suney Says:
first see such beautiful lovely girl
2017-10-23 14:09 Says:
2017-10-23 02:16 Says:
2017-10-23 07:57-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-22 14:58大帝 Says:
2017-10-22 14:41Robert Says:
This sister very eager to please not just on the bed but from the moment I entered her room. Room very clean and comfy with soft lighting. She stripped me with so much care it was like she was servicing her husband. BBBJ: 9/10 looks: 8.5/10 fj: 9/10 the fuck job was super wild but she was so tight, her legs so beautiful and the way she pulled me tightly onto her to lick my ear and moan softly into it made me shiver uncontrollably before I blasted inside her, all spent. Rested and chatted with her for 10 min before going for a shower. Very good attitude. Will go back.
2017-10-21 11:17战狼 Says:
刚刚约了小艾宝贝。一开门笑容满满抱着亲上来了。不但拥有美丽的外表心灵更是善良温柔的女孩,相处起来很舒心不会有任何的防备。服务更是一流很努力 吹到差点就喷出来。嘻嘻!接下来就是各种姿势都很好掌握小巧的各种抱着干绝对没问题!简直把我送上太空不多说狼友的兄弟们自己去体验
2017-10-21 00:44老司机 Says:
2017-10-20 21:05人狼 Says:
2017-10-20 19:13James Says:
Went back to see this darling again yesterday. Here's a good tip: although she was already fantastic the first time, she treats return clients much better. Service 10/10. Mindblowing. Having sex with her is so comfortable because you really fall in love with her looking at her shy horny face, listening to her soft, embarrassed moans, and feeling the soft smooth skin of her legs against your body. It's hard to describe, she just makes me want to hold her tenderly in my arms and give her maximum pleasure. And as a result of that.... I came... we collapsed on each other, entangled, panting, basking in the afterglow of the sex of my life.
2017-10-20 16:53111 Says:
2017-10-21 01:56-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-16 23:38东北男神 Says:
2017-10-16 10:31RS Says:
she came in august. Visited her b4.
2017-10-17 02:48-sgwolves- Says:


2017-10-12 16:52boy Says:
2017-10-11 18:58Bayleaf Says:
2017-10-13 11:55同盟 Says:

Bayleaf 前辈约过了吗?
She looks good!
2017-10-11 20:31-sgwolves- Says:


Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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