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170号 Xiao O



36B(all natural)


Room & CD Included 包房包套

Central Area 中部地区

Hotel work 酒店开工

9868 5478

Pls say from 【sgwolfs】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!


Service 服务: Silk stockings temptation★丝袜诱惑 / Shower togetherv★鸳鸯浴 / Simple massage★简单按摩 / Chest push★胸推 / BBBJ★无套口胶 / FJ★有套啪啪 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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2018-01-18 12:00howhow? Says:
text already no respond le
2018-01-15 18:39Wolfman Says:
Nice lady, service is gd and willing to accommodate any position.
Sure will rtf. Please do not miss the gem.
2018-01-15 12:33Edward Says:
I finally meet up with Xiao O..she look much better than picture. Her service and attitude is excellence.. She should be one of the top girl in wolves net. Bro do not give it a miss.. If not, you will never enjoy tge best thing in the world..
2018-01-14 23:57harry Says:
I have been dating Xiao O very frequently n she is very nice. why r there guys keep talking bad n insulting bad about her,please guys out there are u too free n nothing to do.
2018-01-14 23:17天空之城 Says:


2018-01-14 17:31Cheongster Says:
Visited Xiao O today after being attracted to her photos, i hsve to say I am mesmerize by her good looks. Hence called her using little bro head to think. Here is a break down of her service.

1. High Points for the hotel environment , ilike it.spacious room and clean

2.looks the same as picture probably 4 - 5 years older

3. Damn hardworking girl with the BBBJ, really make an effort to suck

4.FJ pretty standard, very accommodating in all position...a very warm pussy when inserted which is quite rare....shows that if you can hit her soft spot, she probably turn wild on the spot.

5. Yes service is pretty standard and she is particular on cleanliness which sometimes can be a bit over the top which may make someone uncomfortable but I am okay with it as this shows she also take care of herself well

Last but not least, she is probably affected by the negative post and can see her effort to make my experience as. Comfortable as possible.

Generally I like her looks and the long way hair when screwing her missionary, can be very enjoyable.

Probably can give her a chance to redeem herself.

She even ask if her service is okay after the whole session. Hence additional points for wanting to improve.

RTF-Yes, her action sometimes amuses me...
2018-01-13 14:59Ah boy to man Says:
I have been looking at her page cause she seems look hot, but recently found there is not so nice review, which is gone for a while but come back again (i dont know why lol) but after some consideration and see got bro say good and decide to chiong her.

Some are the things are true though. Pic look younger but ok la most girl seems to be like that. She is more to young milf but look wise is hot. Young hot milf. Fair skin sexy leg and nice boobs, not too big not too small

But service wise really so so only in my opinion. SOP kind. BBBJ short. Maybe because too much good comment give me high expectations. Haha. Or maybe because i no lengzai like them? Or ppl just make up to cover but i dont want simply accuse la, later she reply me and bomb me like the comment below. So fierce leh. Talk about fierce during bang her, her attitude also a bit cold also. But of course no fierce and scold me la. Dunno she mood swing or maybe i really not leng zai? Maybe like bro say is about chemistry, okay la maybe she really no like me

Overall average la, rtf wont gua i prefer try new zha boh unless the zha boh sipek chio and like me also. Others can go try lo if u want. no harm geh
2018-01-14 02:19fullydisappointed Says:
ya, but if he does not follow up with sgwolves this comment may be gone soon. as u see here he is just giving average comment that he think, not as bad as mine i admit, but sgwolves also want to verfiy him. But did you see all the good comments below sgwolves want to verify? Nah. Fake or not it doesn't matter
2018-01-13 22:59Jerry Says:
This bro feedback is fair and closer to reality. Good job bro.
2018-01-13 15:10-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, can leave your wechat id or number for verification? Only for my eyes.

2018-01-12 16:19麦哥 Says:

Good service overall, willing to please. Nice body, fair skin, boobs are also a handful. This is my 2nd time to rtf and I think I need to write a positive comment on her to be fair to her.

Looks - 9 (super gum me, younger than photos - one mans meat is another’s poison)
Body - 9 young body, nice boobs (between B and C I think, it’s quite a handful), smooth skin
GFE - 8 good conversationalist
FJ - 9 good moans and great action
massage okay. She not really expert in massage but she really try her utmost best so I’ll give her credit for this. My body felt loosened after her touch.

In my opinion, she is defitnitely worth a try.

Sometimes, our attitude as chiongsters is important too. Working girls are also human, they deserve good respect. Sometimes we all have our down days so let be understanding.

She won’t be here for long, go grab the opportunity to meet her.

For me, I’ll rtf here till she leaves.
2018-01-12 09:40Justanotherjohn Says:
Xiao O made small talk during shower on how I got to know about her. Told her about this website and she looked visible upset and said that she had been unfairly reported.

As reported before, she is around her 30s. Her hygiene level is pretty high, (my personal preference as well) making sure that 2ic is cleaned properly as she will perform BBBJ, (capped if I preferred) her BJ skills are good, with plenty of maneuvers and her slender tongues licking and teasing all over my number 2. She gave me one of my longest BJs ever, around 10 to 15mins, coupled with the hot water treatment. I had to ask to do the deed before I explode in her mouth. I wanted to last longer, but her skillful cowgirl style proves hard to hold back, with her pleasurable thrusting and grinding combos.

She then gave me a massage and chatted until our time is up. By the way, she is not a professionally trained masseuse, she only learnt it from a friend. So don't expect top notch massages, but she does try her best.

Offered to wash up myself, but she insisted that it is her duty to help me wash up after.

Looks: Milf, long lashes and she makes up to look presentable.
Figure: slim, with natural C-cup boobs. (if it is B-cup as reported, they are very big Bs then)
Cleanliness: 10/10, no smelly towels and she cleans up and brushes her teeth after every session.
BJ: this lady knows her stuff. But do clean up well if you want it good. Expect her to clean away the pre-cum if it leaks, otherwise, have it capped.
FJ: I would think she knows how to make one cum. I didn't last long enough to go to the second position.
Massage: Good for her service. Like mentioned earlier, don't expect professional skills.

Will RTF. Her service is worth the $110. I have tried many around this price range and she stands out with her looks and service level.

Just a side not to the bros that chiong. Do let her know what you want and she will try to accommodate. Like ourselves, she is also a person so treat each other with respect.

Her time in SG is limited, so do make an appointment soon if you wanna try her.

Happy chionging!
2018-01-11 12:28大牛比较懒 Says:
2018-01-11 08:24zeiss Says:
2018-01-10 23:142544 Says:
2018-01-10 13:24-sgwolves- Says:



2018-01-10 10:18French Says:
Can she french n paint ?
2018-01-10 13:36-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, please refer to listed service. No, she does not french nor allow painting.


2018-01-09 20:00jj Says:
这女生身材很好很美符很和她,皮肤滑讲话温柔,爱干净卫生,物有所值,我找她很多次了.This pretty doll is very up to my taste.I will keep finding her till she go bk homeland.She suit me in whatever what I want making me cannot resist her. Fj,bj Tip top.Service tip top.
2018-01-11 02:16小O Says:
2018-01-09 18:23Ken Says:
2018-01-07 21:57爱情废柴 Says:
Nice lady with voluptuous figure; will make heads turn on the street.
Smells good and is hygienic.. no armpit hair which is a plus point to me.
The room is huge and we played a few round in different positions and location.
Very attentive to needs and has the desire to serve. She ends off with top notch massage.
Value for money and look for her again before she leaves.

2018-01-11 02:16小O Says:
2018-01-07 21:01龙在天涯 Says:
2018-01-06 21:25halfdisappointed Says:
Honestly I think i am very much deceived here especially the comments. I will be very truthful on my review, whether it is good or bad

Firstly is the PHOTO here looks much YOUNGER, not the real person looks much younger. She is likely to be 30+. But okay, i am FINE with that, i do like hot mature woman or hot MILF.

So about her body, yes she quite fair skin and nice shape. Good enough

When start to her room, she asked for payment first. Okay, i am FINE with that. Pay first or pay later also need to pay in the end, although usually we do later after the job, but i dont want argue with this kind of small matter to spoil the mode

Now proceed to bath, which i was asked to shower myself. Okay, i am also FINE with that since not like she got shower bbbj or bang in toilet service. While i was in the middle of the bath she comes in and keep asking please clean your d***head here and there and here and there. HELLO? I do know where to clean okay? I am a person who very concern on my hygiene as well. But she keep requesting and requesting. For god sake if you are so concern and dont trust your customer why dont you just come bath and clean for me? I start getting a little piss, but okay, i still hold it within myself

After that proceed to bed sucks nipple awhile and go bbbj. Throughout the bbbj she keep stop and look at bro and use tissue and wet tissue to clean, suck awhile come out stretch your dick and wipe wipe wipe again. Hello? like i say if you so afraid, next time bath your customer or just advertise you dont do bbbj you are afraid of cum drops. Whole process in 1-2 minutes. So if you want ask for more, forget about it, she maybe will do another 30 seconds since looking at the unwillingless to bbbj attitude because i have encounter such cases before. So i dunno who the hell can grade 9 or 9.5 out of 10? i will give 3/10. Maybe 4/10 for willingness not using cap. If bros thinks im so high standard, go try it yourself. The bbbj already start turns me off a little.

Now the FJ, she will likely to ask you do missionary. Ask her to go top, she like not so willing. The cold attitude even makes me more moodless. End up just do missionary and doggie. Whole process you can see she wants to fast fast get it done. To prevent from getting further more modeless, so i just focus on her nice body and ramp quickly to unload. Once unload also want fast fast pull your bro out and get away.

After that ask for massage, her face change a bit, again showing not so willing again but she dont dare to reject. so massage for about 5 minitues, and this one i would say is the only thing i can enjoy for the whole session. Strength is enough and technique seems like someone who know massage. 5 minutes of enjoyment thats it

Whole duration from entering the room and leaving the room is only about 35 minutes. So you guys rate her by yourself. My rate 5/10 overall. RTF? Obviously no. there are alot better girls around 100-120 range i have tried before. Luckily i didnt pay more than 150 for this

AND sgwolves, dont ONLY JUST POST GOOD COMMENTS on your girls only

2018-01-14 02:15fullydisappointed Says:
WOW! First of all im surprised that my review here is back. And even more surprise that this lady replied here with temper.
Just to summarize for the bros there for, my comment was at first removed and i complain it on bad review section, and she does is make a false accusation on how bad i treat her to her agent like she accuse me now.
And also just for everyone clarification, i sacrifice my own private message to show sgwovles just for the sake to PROOF im not the person she accused. If bros want to have a look, go to bad review section and look up for the comment i posted last week as "TheRealGuy" with sgwolves verification
Cant imagine it. When she asked for payment first, i paid instantly. She ask me to clean, i clean willingly. Whole process i didnt even lay my lips to any part of her body, she say i forcefully to french her. After i unload all you did is quickly want remove me but i didnt even resist it, and now you b**ching around accuse me for things i never done.
But fine, this thing has already over for me, you like to throw any temper on me just do it here, so it is transparent and everyone can see and judge by their own.
2018-01-13 22:53Jerry Says:
wah lao, her reply so no class and fierce. bros please lah. good comments are sop and often exagerrated, only so so comments are a true reflection. ok to go n try. as they say one man meat is another mans poison.
2018-01-12 11:49小o Says:
2018-01-11 23:40Jerry Says:
Many of the things said by this bro is true. She is older than photos and a bit plumb. But some like plumb girls
2018-01-11 02:32小O Says:
2018-01-11 02:12小O Says:
2018-01-07 09:26French Says:
THxs u sir
2018-01-06 14:21Dave **7763 Says:
2018-01-06 14:44小O Says:
2018-01-05 11:33小龙哥 Says:
Great girl, good service, especially love her bbbj.

Looks are much better and younger than photos. Suggested to her to take new photos. Great service and attitude, please support her bros. Take good care of her as well.

Looks - 9
Boobs - 9 (natural and a handful)
Figure - 8.5 (young body- very good skin)
BBBJ - 9.5 (very good suction)
Attitude/Service - 10/10
Massage - 8 (quite hard and good, loosen my body- haven’t gone for a massage in months)
Gfe - 9

Will rtf till she leaves.
2018-01-03 12:55MILF Says:
Value for money - worth trying. Nice and clean hotel. Working hard here to clear debts.
RTF - yes
2018-01-01 12:45Mecolour Says:

FR on xiao O
杨恭如 younger and petite version

Looks - 8.5
Boobs - small c with boucy boobs pink nipples.
Figure - 8.6
Bbbj - 7
Fj - 9
Attitude/service ; very polite and considerate.
Gfe - 9
After service; very chatty and good feel.
massage - 6
Best bonk 2017
2017-12-31 11:51reechart Says:
msg but no response
2017-12-29 16:49Ticktockman Says:
FR on xiao O

Looks - 7.5-8/10 I personally like her looks, those kinda elegant n in btwn syt/milf. Those picture on web makes her look mature, she looks younger n sweeter in real life
Boobs - B-C it’s soft n all natural with nice pinkish nipples
Figure - 8.5/10 what strikes me on the first look is a porcelain white n silky smooth skin and very proportionate
Bbbj - 8/10 she will really pleasure u... almost spill out into her mouth
Painting - she just finish auntie so she say cannot
Fj - 9/10 very accommodating n pussy still tight tight. Start with missionary then doggy, then carried her to the dresser table n bang her on top. Switch over to her bending forward onto the dresser table n doggy her. Ask her lie down on her tummy n bang her. Back to missionary as I bang her fast n furious. Then cartwheel n finish her off

I think quite worth it for a $110
2017-12-22 08:57嘉豪 Says:
2017-12-20 18:18剑客 Says:
2017-12-19 00:38Mr.kensen Says:
My sister is good, the service is good, and when she has sex with her, her expression is very enjoyable. I hope the brothers will treat her well and I'll make a regular appointment with her.
2017-12-18 12:03阿萨姆 Says:
2017-12-18 00:41Redman Says:
Just spent an hour with Xiao o and I would say she is well worth the asking price.

She is very pleasant, pretty and has lovely smooth skin. Her attitude is positive and she has a good figure -- including a nice pair of plump natural breasts.

Started with a quick shower together and then progressed to a fantastic all-over massage, which was both strong and professional.

The sex was fantastic as well. A great BBBJ, which she seemed to enjoy as much as I did, followed by intercourse in any position I wanted.

She stays a a good hotel in a central location, which was clean, discreet and comfortable. No rush either and no checking of her phone (even once) or eagerness to get me out the door once we had finished.

All in all she is a great girl, who I recommend highly and would visit again.

Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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