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89号An Na(安娜)



34A(all natural)


Room & CD Included 包房包套

East Area 东部地区

Serangoon 实龙岗

月经休息 (menses rest)

Pls say from 【sgwolfs】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!


Service 服务: Shower togetherv★鸳鸯浴 / Simple massage★简单按摩 / Nipples★舔奶头 / Roam★漫游 / COB★射身 / BBBJ★无套口胶 / FJ★有套啪啪 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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2018-01-23 16:31Mike Says:
She can come to Pasir Ris bro?
2018-01-24 00:56-sgwolves- Says:

Accomodation is their choice bro. We can't decide for them.

2018-01-09 16:20YT Says:
發了好多信息給她都沒人回覆的, 等了一整天
2017-12-28 19:22Cocoo Says:
Lips quite moist like her pussy. Ass Rimming 8/10 very sextisfied. Need to visit her often them she will ass rim though.
2017-12-12 18:15下山虎 Says:
Tried this sweet lady yesterday.

SOP on FJ and she tried her best at massage, A+ for effort.
Definitely not for boobs lover but her sweetness and effort more than makes up for it.

May consider to RTF when nearby again.
2017-12-06 11:08Mac Says:
When will she be back in action ? Wanna try her
2017-12-02 00:37Beck Says:
Great service,plenty of time,a haapy deal.
2017-11-23 16:06Simply Says:
can you come Bedok area?
2017-11-12 12:47Bb Says:
My best bonk
2017-10-29 23:55ah wei Says:
put time 11.40.. now wait till 12 still no reply
2017-10-22 19:28善良的孩子 Says:

2017-12-28 12:35ios Says:
2017-10-17 01:59Norm Says:
There's so many comments about this girl; good and bad.
Which to trust? Is she good or bad???
2017-10-04 18:26Lovely bff Says:
Very good... As I meet her for 5-6 times she let me kiss her luscious lips and she assrims me. I felt honoured to be the first from her
2017-09-08 12:45Joker Says:
May I know when will she be free is she free today ??
2017-09-01 19:06bcf Says:
I want to meet her
2017-09-03 13:32bcf Says:
Try her that night,petty girl...
2017-09-02 22:21-sgwolves- Says:

Already notified her

2017-08-28 19:04mr.cherry Says:
Definitely a Girlfriend feeling. Very Friendly, petite size and somemore below was tight. Please take a good care of her. For sure will RTF
2017-09-01 00:24mr.cherry Says:
Got a little different but still pretty for me. Definitely my type of girls. ***Not for boob lover.
2017-08-29 16:14Andre Says:
How's her looks? Same as photos?
2017-08-05 23:02C先生 Says:
2017-07-30 22:57 Says:
2017-07-27 17:37救命 Says:
安娜我打了好多通电话没听也没回 狼群???
2017-07-28 13:22-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-26 22:30平民 Says:
我写了那么多 一个字都看没有 网主你要帮这个女孩。我没话说 但是这个女孩真的不行。你还帮他说话
2017-08-19 01:43杀手 Says:
2017-07-27 16:43-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-26 15:47sgwolves Says:
2017-07-19 16:38L Says:
2017-07-11 14:27Nonick Says:
Still available? No response
2017-07-05 19:08unhappy Says:
Very rude. Was confirming with her if she was free and she replied "刚刚没有看信息 我说话你没有听到吗?" Did not bother to go ahead with her service
2017-06-27 18:04Jack Says:
2017-06-28 12:21-sgwolves- Says:


2017-06-26 16:06Arctic Says:
Just had a session with her.

Photo and real person almost the same just that without make up. Petite girl.
Very friendly and chatty. like talking to my Girlfriend .

Most importantly she doesn't rush the service . Full one hour spent with her !

Cummed twice ! Worth every penny . Will return for her next week !
2017-06-23 20:32sgwolves Says:
Hello, bro. We've seen your feedback. Can you tell us your phone number? The girl wants to say sorry to you

We've already education she's,hope bro gives her a chance
2017-06-21 17:58Footjob Says:
How is her foot job? Anyone tried? Her feet pretty?
2017-06-16 17:22Fierce men Says:
Petite body, and pink cat, hold up attack, very comfortable! After I released, Anan had a massage for me! It makes me very happy! She is very worthwhile to experience!
2017-05-09 19:18有缘人 Says:
2017-04-23 00:40大人 Says:
Simple massage.
No rushing
Unique bj
Petit size lady
2017-04-07 17:13wolfie guy Says:
been to her once this week

She is wearing a small red panties and white t-shirt welcome me. As other says, petite small girl, after massage a while, do a deep fuck with her, change a few position.
2017-03-22 18:32灰太狼 Says:
An Na is a petite lady with a lean, healthy body and cute natural boobs. (Not for boob lovers though.) Her personality is pleasant and easy going.

She began by showering and giving me a simple massage. She is actually much stronger than she looks as you can tell she is putting effort into the massage. After that I flipped over and started our sexercise. Tried several positions and she had no complaints and was accommodating to my needs. In the end, I finished unexpectedly in missionary position after she unleashed her secret technique: vaginal contraction
2017-03-13 12:19wilsontan Says:
cant seem to contact her
2017-03-14 16:39An Na Says:
Sorry, I'm so sick that I can't reply you in time
2017-03-06 17:01Torjack Says:
The lady is so small. Its like fucking a kid though. But she is very good. Can do any position.
2017-03-03 16:57Beastboy Says:
Which part of Sengkang ? Isit condo or HDB ?
2017-03-04 03:57-sgwolf- Says:
bro ,she adress u can comfirm with girl .
2017-02-04 21:57Kiddo Says:
Is there still in singapore? Jus called n number invalid
2017-02-05 19:57-sgwolf- Says:
She's in Singapore, we have identified
2017-01-31 16:37ribi大侠 Says:
2017-01-15 19:19Super Bonker Says:
The services of this petite girl was very cute & accommodating, she's a little shy & a very honest person. Don't say that she's no good bcos of her professionalism; she don't pick up calls or message others during the massage service. Really a true gem! All bros please take care of this nice lady :)
2017-01-11 12:57Kennyyeo Says:
Called fews time n fews day ago, didnt pick up n didnt return call, isnt still available?
2016-12-27 10:06Hyunnn Says:
Still available in sk??
2016-12-26 00:59Win Says:
Is it in a condo or hotel?
2016-12-26 02:51-sgwolf- Says:
she is in her own room .
2016-12-22 00:15Hunter Says:
How can add her wechat
2016-12-22 01:15-sgwolf- Says:
bro ,u can call her to ask .
2016-12-11 18:03NoLongerVirgin Says:
First time trying this website. And wow.

Anna is really accommodating despite the awkward atmosphere I had due to my limited Chinese and struck up conversations while she did her 'thing'.
2017-02-24 02:31-sgwolf- Says:
u can call or sms to her make a appointment.
2017-02-23 15:44Newbie Says:
Sgwolf can give me some advise please I new
2017-02-23 15:21Newbie Says:
@NoLongerVirgin how to made some appointments?Teech me some bro,
2016-12-13 05:53NoLongerVirgin Says:
Curiosity got the better of me, browsed sbf and chance upon your website
2016-12-11 18:28sgwolf Says:
@NoLongerVirgin Hello,bro ,welcome to sgwolf,can u tell me how u know our website?
2016-12-04 01:08NoNickname Says:
Hi, can i have her wechat or how do i add you guys wechat?
2016-12-04 04:05-sgwolf- Says:
u can call her to book ,she never give us wechat ID for booking.
2016-11-22 00:50Crahs Says:
May I know this girl still available? Got wechat?
2016-11-22 22:45-sgwolf- Says:
She can use, of course, she has WeChat, but is not convenient to published.

Brother, can you tell us your WeChat, we have to add your buddy. And share her WeChat to you
2016-10-28 15:53yolo Says:
GOOD! first time try this website and this girl. not rushing people to leave after you know what i mean. still give massage before doing.
2016-10-25 18:17Woohooo! Says:
Bro,how come she never reply?
2016-11-13 00:24-sgwolf- Says:
@Woohooo! Hello, brother, we have added your WeChat
2016-10-25 19:14Woohooo! Says:
How to add you in wechat?
2016-10-25 18:50-sgwolf- Says:
Brother, maybe you phone number problem? If it's convenient, you can provide your complete phone number,We will help you.
2016-09-24 23:48喜欢做爱的人 Says:
2016-08-27 18:39Guest Says:
Fix time to meet and then no reply no answer to can.. waited 1 hr then go back.
2016-08-11 11:23xiaodi Says:
打来电话 没接 怎么查电话号码有没有问题?
2016-08-12 01:32sgwolf Says:
2016-08-11 10:44Jian Long Says:
Service is good. Small in size. Nice to hug. Hehe.
2016-08-09 06:53义顺仔 Says:
2016-08-31 18:01sgwolf Says:
@梦杰 当然有做爱的,现在她月经期,所以暂时这几天不能做爱
2016-08-31 08:00梦杰 Says:
2016-08-08 23:56Rainer Says:
Pleasant-looking & petite girl. Thought she's shy, but had a chat. Find her to have a pleasant personality too.

这女孩娇小玲珑,挺可爱的。还以为她害羞,其实聊了一下后, 觉的挺开朗的。
2016-08-06 17:59真实 Says:
2016-08-07 15:42安娜 Says:
2016-08-02 21:37寂寞 Says:
2016-08-03 01:48sgwolf Says:
2016-07-30 16:53阿宗 Says:
2016-07-29 12:29Ah feng Says:
2016-07-30 02:48sgwolf Says:
2016-07-28 00:58Doku Says:
Does she FJ, it says massage and 2 HJ?
2016-07-26 23:41Jasper Says:
2016-07-26 23:40Jasper Says:
Possible CIM one time and FJ one time ?
2016-07-25 21:08LOLS Says:
Very rush service?its it look same with photo?
2016-07-26 19:08sgwolf Says:
Brother, please be assured that pictures are real, outside cover photo is fake.
2016-03-20 21:21迟到人 Says:
2016-03-20 01:51tee Says:
How come the man photo diffrent with after enter inside? Make me blur~
2016-03-20 03:09sgwolf Says:
Brother, you do not fuzzy, because her situation is a bit special, the cover can not be real, because once they are found, there will be trouble. But into the inside of the photos are of her own!
2016-03-09 23:58123 Says:
2016-03-10 17:41sgwolf Says:
2016-03-10 17:36123 Says:
怎么发给你 在这个上面直接发给你?我电话 短信都发了 就是不回我 怎么回事 一直想约她
2016-03-10 15:14sgwolf Says:
2016-03-10 15:08123 Says:
老大 电话一直都不接 怎么办?不做的话就说一下撒 不信你打打试试
2016-03-10 01:13sgwolf Says:
2016-03-04 02:04sky Says:
2016-03-01 21:45broessex Says:
Went to meet her at 4pm today, and it's definitely the same person as in the photo. Her hair is black now though. One thing you all must realise is that the photos posted will always be photoshopped to some degree, cannot anyhow say people not same lah. If really you all feel cheated because don't look 100% similar than just leave lor. Anyway, she gave me a good time today, I left a happy man. She was chatty, tight to bang and very nice to be with. Kinda like a fuck buddy that is just there to be used by you. Exactly what I was looking for. Haha.
2016-02-21 16:15Natuto Says:
May I know Where is she stay?
2016-03-02 09:01fliperz Says:
siglap area

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